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21 Nov 2016

Clarity Wealth and Commercial is exactly that – clarity with the advice you’re given. Their motto is ‘we make the complex, simple’ and that’s exactly what we are all looking for when it comes to our money.

We met Jay Rooney in Bramhall to find out more about what he does with his business and to find out about his background as a person as well as successful businessman.

A rural town in Northern Ireland on the east coast at the border was Jay’s home as a child until he was 18 and took a gap year in 1999 to go and work for Prudential who wanted to keep him on while he was at the University of Ulster. In 2002 he left the Pru for a firm of Financial Advisors in Belfast before moving to Manchester, which he claims is “the greatest city in the world.” – We hear you Jay!


Jay founded Clarity in January 2006 after having worked at the IFA (independent financial advisor) firm in Belfast and Manchester. He was still with the company when he moved to “the greatest city in the world” and eventually decided to fly on his own and start his own business – another excellent display of entrepreneurial in the community! The first six years of business saw the only Clarity location held on King Street in the city centre before the opportunity rose to merge with another IFA in Belfast, meaning there was now a Clarity branch in Belfast too. Jay moved to Bramhall a in 2011 and took the move to convert the basement into an office – and what a beautiful conversion it is too! With there being four people who work in that office though, they are looking for a new Bramhall office, despite it being directly below Jay’s home!


Savings and investments, pensions, insurance and mortgages are the four main areas that Jay and his team focus on, but Jay admits they’re probably most well known for their mortgage work. These areas are covered by the wonderful staff members, who are Frances (local Bramhall girl!) who is a mortgage and protection advisor, Victoria who is the office manager, Pete who is the bookkeeper, then in Belfast there are three more advisors, Martin, Herbert and Sean. The King Street Office houses Michael and Bikram. Down in Kent there is one more advisor called Nick before finally back to the boss himself, Jay.

Clarity’s clients are nationwide and- many of Jay’s private clients are based in London, so he’s up and down the country all the time going to and from them and even goes to Belfast on a regular basis too – a lot of travelling in this line of work it seems.

“I believe in fighting the bull for the client, and I genuinely believe that if you look after your client and you do fight the bull for the client, they’ll appreciate that, and they’ll come back to you.”

This is how Jay has built such a loyal customer base – through pure determination and persistence to work as hard as possible for the clients. What an excellent work ethic!

Lots of small business owners have recently gotten stressed out over the workplace pension scheme that they now must provide for their staff as it takes up a lot of time to sort out – these business owners came to Jay and Clarity and they did exactly what they always do – made the complex, simple. If you’re a business owner reading this thinking you need help with the workplace pension scheme (or any other problem for that matter) then give the team at Clarity a call. Similarly, with first time buyers, a lot of them don’t have the foggiest on how much they can afford, how much they can get a mortgage for or what bank to go with. Jay makes that stress and long hard effort go away.

Jay moved to Bramhall to provide a better area for his kids to grow up in. Having previously lived in the city centre of course, Bramhall was a godsend for Jay and his family.

“That’s what brought me to Bramhall: the people. I love the people in Bramhall.”

Being in Bramhall works well for Clarity as they can now provide a lot more face to face meetings than they did before when they were only based in Manchester. Because of the grade A level of service that clients get, they often recommend their friends and family to Clarity too, meaning more and more local business comes their way. Clarity will go and see any client face to face (even if it’s just an enquiry) if they’re within a 35/40 minute drive of Bramhall. It’s obvious that Jay loves his job, loves his clients and loves Bramhall – and guess what? We love Clarity in return!

Phone : 0161 832 2222
Email : [email protected]
Website : whatisclarity.co.uk
Address : 49 Ack Lane East, SK7 2BE


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