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27 Sep 2017
 “And relax….” Before visiting Dee Thai Massage at Rust Salon Bramhall I was reminded of the first time I had ever experienced the Thai massage technique. It was a long time ago in Koh Samui when I was a 19-year-old lad enjoying my first big travel adventure.  Approached by a friendly, young woman I handed over my Baht and wondered exactly how this slightly built girl was going to manage to lug all 12 and a half stones of me about.

And right on cue, from the tree line above the beach emerged her business partner, a much older and rather burly woman with hands that looked like they could crack coconuts and believe me, they did.  For the next hour, she proceeded to organize my limbs into a series of body-bending positions much to the amusement of my travelling companions who were enjoying the spectacle from the Beach Bar.
What struck me afterwards, was a) how unflexible my body was at such a young age and b) how calm, relaxed and also exhilarated I felt after ‘Big Banjit’ had finally loosened her grip on me. Now in my forties, I was amazed to discover that a new stress-busting Thai massage expert had set up in Bramhall.  It might not be Ko Samui that’s for sure, but Bramhall still has its fair share of coconuts.
dee thai massage
Dee Thai Massage promises to ‘De-tie your knots’ (get it?..) and is run by a wonderfully, bubbly Thai lady called Cherry Phannakham who met me and talked me through her approach to massage.
“Thai’s are happy people, and through massage, I want to bring a little bit of Thailand into everybody’s life”
And she does. Her beaming smile alone is enough to make you feel welcome. Relaxing in her treatment room I was snugly wrapped in fresh white towels, surrounded by scented candles and lulled by the strings of traditional Thai music playing in the background.  It was like a one-hour oasis of calm in the middle of a hectic day.  Cherry explained that I could choose the level of intensity of the massage and based on the fact that it was some time since I’d had one, I opted for a medium strength treatment to banish the memory of ‘Big Banjit’ on the beach.
dee thai massage

Cherry worked her magic on my knotted muscles and stiff joints using just the right amount of pressure, comfortably smoothed over my body without applying too much oil so my skin felt glowing and not sticky afterwards.  I felt so relaxed I actually fell asleep at one point before Cherry rounded off the treatment by expertly releasing the vertebrae in my spine with a satisfying click. You would pay £40 alone for that at a Chiropractor.   Leaving the calm, tranquil treatment room I blinked my eyes in the sunlight outside and felt truly re-energized for the rest of the day ahead.

dee thai massage

Dee Thai Massage is based within RUST, a relatively new salon in Bramhall offering hair, nails and beauty treatments. Cherry’s massage room compliments the salon nicely and means that you can spend hours pampering yourself to your hearts content under one roof.
dee thai massage
Cherry’s rejuvenating and relaxing massages are available in 30 min, 60 min or 90 min sessions and you can choose from Thai Traditional, Thai Aromatherapy or Thai Reflexology treatments.
Simply wonderful.

Dee Thai Massage

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