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21 Apr 2018

From small start-ups with big ideas to well-established companies stuck in a rut, all businesses can benefit from a fresh perspective from time to time. Delphinium Business Coaching offers just that – and much more.

Owner Gemma Rolstone established her coaching company on the back of many years’ experience transforming businesses, firstly in her chosen sector of law and then branching out into other industries as the need arose.


Starting out in her career as a Solicitor and progressing into management roles, Gemma discovered her passion for developing people during a training session about how behavioural psychology can bring about workplace benefits. Applying what she’d learned during this training and other leadership and management training, Gemma was responsible for turning around a number of underperforming teams.


Dealing with stakeholders of all levels across varied projects from staff engagement to software development and implementation, Gemma built up such comprehensive problem-solving abilities that friends began asking for her help in making their own businesses successful.

In 2013 Gemma began working with business owners, expanding her skills alongside her regular job. In 2016, Gemma officially set up Delphinium Business Coaching, a name she chose on reading that the spiritual meaning of the delphinium was believing in infinite possibilities and striving for your goals one baby step at a time.


Now, Gemma works with businesses across the North West, helping them to realise their potential and achieve their goals.

Offering a truly bespoke service, Gemma assesses each business based on its particular requirements. While some other coaching companies only offer fixed packages, Gemma tailor-makes her services according to each client, building up a long-term relationship.

For Gemma, nothing beats the satisfaction of watching clients progress, build on their strengths and overcome their weaknesses under her guiding expert eye. Coaching goes both ways, she says: working with individuals, business owners and entire workforces, Gemma helps businesses identify key priorities and problems and draw up an action plan with set milestones. At the same, Gemma is able to develop professionally, broadening her awareness and skillset, all while living out her passion.


With over ten years’ experience in people and performance management, Gemma deals with all kinds of workplace issues, from disengaged staff and frustrated business owners to a company culture that’s failing to promote productivity. She also coaches entrepreneurs and business owners in areas like setting targets, developing strategies, how to create and lead a strong team and delegating appropriately.

Delphinium Business Coaching has served a number of Bramhall businesses, as well as local companies slightly further out in Macclesfield.


Delphinium Business Coaching offers classes on site, over the phone or at an agreed location, depending on the client’s needs, and also facilitates a business development group in central Manchester, which brings together business people of all backgrounds and industries for solutions-orientated brainstorming sessions.

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