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7 Dec 2016

Ed and Mike are the wonderful couple that own Eds Hair Bramhall. They also own Eds Hair Salford, which was their original nest, before flying out towards our beautiful village.

What’s handy for them here is that they actually live directly above the salon… talk about low commuting time! July 2015 was when the Bramhall salon opened, but Mike and Ed’s story starts way before that. We caught up with Mike to hear all about it and the story with their salons.

Eds Hair Bramhall

11 years ago, when Mike was planning a backpacking holiday to Brazil, he was looking online for places to stay and things to do whilst over there. Ed (born and raised in Brazil) very kindly offered his place as a venue for Mike to stay. When Mike arrived in Brazil, the sparks flew and the backpacking holiday never actually took place!

eds hair

The two moved back to England in 2006 and originally lived down south before moving up to Davenport whilst Ed worked in a salon in Poynton. Driving through Bramhall to work every day meant that the two got a feel for the village and the community we all know and love. Ed used to affectionally say that he’d always love to work in a salon like ‘that one’ whilst pointing at what used to be Toni & Guy. Little did he know that further down the line the opportunity arose where he’d own his own salon in that exact building!

Eds Hair

The opportunity came through a customer who was at their Salford salon which was opened in 2011 after the decision was made by Ed and Mike to stop their current jobs and open their own business! Originally, it started off being a mobile hair service, before savings allowed them to open a salon in Salford. That went from strength to strength and here we are today with the Bramhall salon in full flow!

Mike said

“Ed is the talent. I might be the brains behind the business but in terms of what walks out of the door, that is definitely Ed.”

Despite living and working together, you may be surprised that Mike and Ed don’t drive each other up the wall! When they go socialising, they’re always together and love lots of local Bramhall places to wine and dine each other. Yardbird, Mercato, Piccolino and Turquoise were all up there with the favourites mentioned when asked where they like to go out to eat and drink.

eds hair

Mike and Ed do sometimes venture outside of Bramhall (would you believe!) despite living in, working in and loving it here. The pair work six days a week and have a day off on Sunday, but are always on hand to step in should the business need their work. Holidays are usually in Brazil, back with Ed’s family, and are thoroughly enjoyable due to the big family that he has. This year’s trip there was two weeks over August and September and Ed’s family travelled from far and wide across Brazil to come back together and enjoy each other’s company.

If you’re reading this (female or male – they do lads’ hair too!) and have been thinking you need a new salon to try or want an extra fancy hair style for an upcoming wedding or other event, give Ed’s a try. You absolutely will not regret it and it will become your new favourite. Mike’s front of house skills combined with Ed’s styling skills make it one of the most sought after salons in the area. People actually fly from the likes of Austria, Canada and Barbados just for the famous Brazilian blow-dry. Ed’s background makes him an expert in that field and some very high profile celebrities appreciate his work too. People travel from all over the world to get their hair cut at Ed’s, and it’s right on our doorstep! How lucky are we!?

eds hair

Eds Hair Bramhall

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