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24 May 2018

Aesthetic treatments are becoming increasingly popular, with more and more women – and men – opting for a nip here and a tuck there to enhance their appearance and boost their confidence. Elo Lemos Clinic in Bramhall offers a range of medical aesthetic beauty treatments in a private location, catering for both local residents and customers from further afield.

I Love Bramhall paid a visit to Elo Lemos Clinic owner Elaine Lemos de Oliveira at her Bramhall base, keen to find out more about the services on offer and to gain an insight into Elaine’s commitment to achieving a natural look through medical aesthetics.

Elo Lemos

Originally from Brazil, Elaine spent time working in her home country and later in Spain before moving to the UK seven years ago. A fully qualified nurse with advanced certification, Elaine started out as a theatre nurse when she came to the UK, working at hospitals in and around Manchester before turning her attention solely to aesthetics.

Elo Lemos

Although she had already accrued a decade of experience in aesthetic treatments like cosmetic injectables alongside her nursing career, Elaine set up her first dedicated centre in Salford two years ago and opened the Bramhall clinic earlier this year after moving to the area. With so many Bramhall-based clients previously travelling to Elo Lemos Clinic in Salford, Elaine says it made sense to start offering a more local service, and where better than from the comfort of one’s own home?  

Elo Lemos

A wife and mum to two young children, Elaine’s youthful appearance and lust for life take a good ten years off her actual age; there’s no sign of an inflated pout or overfilled cheekbones here. A walking advertisement for her expert services, Elaine is committed to helping women and men look and feel their best, creating enhancements that put Mother Nature to shame.

Offering cosmetic injectables to fill lines and relax wrinkles, Elo Lemos Clinic also specialises in body contouring and skin tightening, using advanced, clinically proven technology to freeze excess fat and flush it away. Chemical peels and micro needling are offered to help improve the complexion alongside PRP treatments, which promote the natural regeneration of skin cells and hair follicles.

Elo Lemos

Facial and body mesotherapy is also available, which uses vitamins and pharmaceuticals to melt away fat and promote smoother skin, and intense pulsed light treatments are offered to reduce body hair, treat acne and rejuvenate the skin. Another popular procedure is the PDO thread lift, which places medical threads within problem areas of the skin to redefine the facial silhouette.

Elaine currently splits her time between her Salford clinic and Bramhall base, supported by other aesthetic practitioners when demand is high. Both clinics prioritise privacy – the Salford centre is located on the second floor of a GP’s surgery and the Bramhall clinic is situated within Elaine’s property on a quiet residential street with easy on-street parking. At the Bramhall base, there are two dedicated treatments rooms, both of which are serenely decorated to promote relaxation. One opens on to the conservatory and the other straight into the tranquil garden via French doors, so clients can spend some time recuperating in the tranquil surroundings after their session.

Elo Lemos

Committed to giving the best quality customer care both before and after treatments, Elaine takes a measured approach to her work, only performing one facial treatment at a time. This approach ensures the most natural-looking results and prevents overtreatment; clients can return a couple of days later for reassessment and additional treatments if necessary. If nothing extra is required, customers are invited to enjoy a chat over coffee instead – nothing is too much trouble at Elo Lemos Clinic.

To book in your free consultation, you can get in touch with Elaine and the team using the links below:

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