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21 Apr 2017

Julie and Alan Longbottom opened the wonderful Fledglings Preschool 24 years ago. Initially, it was on a very small scale, with just 4 afternoons a week during term time. Over the years, it has grown massively and is now operating as a full day-care nursery 51 weeks a year!

Alan joined the staff team two years ago to support Julie and the management team with the day to day operation of the nursery. Over the past couple of years, it has been delightful for the team to see the children they once cared for bring their own kids to be looked after them too!


Fledglings is situated at the rear of Moss Hey Primary School, where Julie has been a governor for 27 years. Her responsibilities there include special educational needs, safeguarding and early years.

The nursery itself has 47 places for children aged from 9 months up to school age. This means that every week, up to 100 local children will go to Fledglings! We’re sure a lot of you already knew that though, as you probably know of lots of kids who go there! The children who attend will benefit from longstanding, highly qualified staff who are passionate about what they do using their enthusiasm and skill to plan exciting activities linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, ensuring a love of learning all round.


Apart from the well-planned classes and highly resourced interior, children enjoy music sessions, P.E, a fantastic outdoor area, a nature garden and visits from Baby Sensory, Zoolab and Rhythm Time. Fledglings also have close links with Valley Nursery who they visit on a weekly basis. Children and parents alike can also enjoy the family discos which are held from time to time on Saturday mornings – how lovely!

Fledglings has been graded as ‘outstanding’ in all areas TWICE by Ofsted over the past 7 years, most recently in April 2016. The management team also work as associate partners with Stockport’s Early Years Improvement Team, sharing ideas and expertise to support other nurseries.

Outstanding 2 copy

Having lived in Bramhall for over 30 years herself and bringing up 3 of her own children, a few years ago Julie and Alan moved to the countryside near Macclesfield Forest. This is great for them as they’re still only about half an hour away from work and it’s a pleasant commute! The pair enjoy nights out in Bramhall, with favourites being Mercato (consequently where the Christmas staff night out was held), Turquoise and Ego. Juniper is also a firm favourite for lunch – obviously, it’s amazing!

FledgingsThe waiting list for Fledglings is very popular. So much so that parents start to put their children’s names on the waiting list before they are born! If you’re interested in finding out more for your little ones, get in touch with them!


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