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4 Mar 2018

Thinking of topping up your tan? There’s no need to leave the village to get that golden ‘glo’ thanks to Bramhall’s premier tanning salon. I Love Bramhall paid a visit to Glo Tanning’s HQ to find out just what sets the salon in a class of its own.

It may at first glance seem like an accidental doorway set in the middle of a row of shops but Glo Tanning is so much more than meets the eye. Once through the door, ascend the stairs and prepare to be wowed: the salon is a haven of relaxation, beautifully finished with silver tones and crystal elements. Take a seat on the sumptuous sofa or step outside on to the freshly decked terrace decorated with lush green plants – a private sun spot in itself.

GLOTanning Bramhall

Owner Joe Watson, who originally visited the salon as a customer in the distant past, worked at Glo Tanning for a number of years before recently taking the helm. Supported by his colleagues Tom and Dan, Joe handles the day-to-day running of the salon, which attracts both locals and visitors from further afield – customers have been known to travel in from Manchester and even Knutsford, such is the salon’s repute.

Glo Tanning is a specialist salon – no other treatments are offered aside from indoor tanning, which means Joe and Tom can focus on delivering the most comprehensive and tailored service to their clients. Every customer is entitled to a full consultation to ensure they have all the information necessary before choosing a tanning bed, deciding how long and how often to tan and whether any extra products may help them achieve their desired shade level.

With several beds to choose from, customers can weigh up which best suits their needs. There’s a stand-up bed and various lie-down options, some with advanced features such as aromatherapy mist and all manner of space-age technology accessible from within the bed itself, enabling clients to fully control their experience.

While the beds’ features may differ, one factor remains constant: each sunbed is made by state-of-the art brand Ergoline and meets the 0.3 compliance regulation for safe tanning. A tanning session at this level is the equivalent of spending time in the Mediterranean sun at noon but without the risk of burning, providing peace of mind for clients that the safety of their skin is paramount.

The quality of the equipment is matched by the brands stocked at the salon; Glo Tanning specialises in Australian Gold tanning lotions, which are known across the globe as being among the most effective accelerators available. The salon, which also sells Australian Gold sun cream, is certified by the brand to provide in-depth tanning consultations tailored to each individual client.

GLOTanning Bramhall

Glo Tanning has made it their mission to take indoor tanning to the next level in terms of the customer experience. The salon is welcoming and relaxed, each room is comfortable and clean and clients can have the latest chart music streamed in for their session. The outdoor space, meanwhile, is the perfect place to chill out with a complimentary bottle of chilled water after soaking up some rays.

GLOTanning Bramhall

Popular with both men and women between the ages of 20 and 35 in particular, Glo also has regular customers outside this age range, many of whom are significantly older and visit for the benefits associated with a good dose of Vitamin D – essential for maintaining bone health. Exposure to UV light is also associated with banishing the bacteria responsible for acne and helping clear the complexion, in addition to providing that feel-good summer feeling all year round.

If you want to achieve a natural golden ‘glo’ with none of the fuss of fake tan, pop into the salon and enjoy an introductory discount on your first course of sessions – all the details you need to get in touch with Glo Tanning are below.

Opening times – Monday – Friday 11am-8pm |  Saturday 11am-7pm | Sunday – 11am – 6pm

Glo Tanning Bramhall

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Photo thanks to Chelsea Shoesmith Photography

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