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11 Jul 2017

One gorgeous summer’s day in Bramhall, we met up with Helen Worthington of Go Cruise.

She is a cruise holiday specialist providing fantastic advice and personal service throughout your holiday from start to finish. Helen is dedicated to finding the right cruise for you, and loves finding people the perfect cruise using her experience of multiple cruises and ship visits herself.

Go Cruise

Go Cruise itself is actually part of Fred Olsen travel, meaning that they have connections with a lot of people who can arrange travel, flights, hotels etc. Primarily though, Helen and her branch of Go Cruise deals with cruise holidays as the name suggests.

Helen has been doing this for around 8 years and enjoys the freedom and flexibility of working from home. With Go Cruise as a franchise having over 50 franchisees up and down the country, it was the perfect match for her when she decided this is what she wanted to be doing for a living. The Go Cruise reputation and Helen’s expert knowledge went hand in hand.

“People like going on holiday. It’s quite an exciting and interesting business to be in.”

Helen explained to us how cruising is the fastest expanding area of travel at the moment and she’s delighted to be a part of it as a result. Cruise lines are now constantly in battle with each other to make bigger and better ships to appeal to different people who may not have been interested in cruises beforehand.

With the cruise season now being 12 months a year, Helen is busy all year round organising trips for lots of different people wanting lots of different travels. Whether it be a week’s cruise around the Med, or to Alaska, or to Antarctica or Scandinavia, Helen is the girl for you! There are a few hundred cruise ships available which all offer something unique and will definitely suit your tastes! The ships themselves have facilities such as adult-only areas, cinemas, bars, clubs, water parks (!) and so much more. When the cruise ship docks, it isn’t unusual for a lot of the people on board to stay on the ship rather than go and visit the destination… that’s how appealing they can be.

Helen’s personal passion is river cruises. Ocean cruises are still enjoyable of course, but river cruises are definitely the ones that – pardon the pun – float her boat. While she’s not on a cruise ship, she enjoys the lifestyle she’s had since moving from Leeds as a very small child to living in the Bramhall area ever since. Her career started very differently – as a dietitian. After getting to what she calls “a certain age,” she got to a point where she realised she wanted a change, and Go Cruise ticked a lot of the boxes for her.

Go Cruise

Bramhall village is a popular place to go for Helen and her husband Ross (of Bramhall Village Club). They enjoy the odd drink in the Mounting Stone and dog walking around the beautiful countryside we have in Cheshire.

Helen loves Bramhall and thinks it’s a great place to live due to easy access to motorways, Manchester city centre and the airport whilst maintaining the countryside aspect that we all enjoy so much. We have to say, of course we agree!

If you’ve always had “I quite fancy a cruise you know” in the back of your head – Helen is the person to speak to in order to make that thought a reality. Believe her when she says there is cruise out there for everyone and just give it a go! She’s more than ready to help you all with your enquiries and find you your dream cruise!


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