I LOVE Going Down to Carrwood Today…

24 Sep 2020

Once upon a time in Bramhall’s Carrwood, something magical was happening…

We are often told the key to happiness in tough times is to count our blessings; to see the silver linings; to look for the helpers. Well, our communities in Cheadle Hulme and Bramhall have certainly stepped up – as ever – and made that possible over this, the strangest of years. There have been blessings and silver linings everywhere – and an abundance of helpers.

Missing our friends and family or having holidays hopes dashed are tough enough as an adult. For children it must be bitterly disappointing and constantly confusing too. They’re missing parties, sports, classmates, grandparents and perhaps just aren’t too sure why.

Getting out and about in the fresh air is one of the best activities to safely enjoy. It is free, it’s accessible and it’s proven to be beneficial to both mental AND physical health. Outdoors can also be a safe place to meet up with others (in line with appropriate guidelines which are, as we know, liable to change occasionally). We are so lucky in Cheadle Hulme and Bramhall to have so many little green enclaves and oases right on our doorsteps.

And now, getting out and about just got a little bit more exciting, thanks to our very own Jo Hoddes -of Fuzzy Goose – and her talented friends, Bob and Nick Cunningham of Morten and Me.

If you go down to Carrwood today, go in at the Robins Lane entrance. Tread carefully; go quietly. You may just see some magic…

If you go down in Carrwoods today,

You’re sure of a big surprise

If you go down in Carrwoods today

You may not believe your eyes!

For every fairy ever there was

Will gather there for certain because

Every day the

Fairies make their magic!

The first hint that something special has been happening is a sparkly sign,

“Always Look for Fairies & Magic”.

Good advice indeed. But shhhhh, what’s that? Was there a light tinkle of a bell? Did something slight and shimmery just flutter by? Follow the Fairy Trail and even if you’re not quite lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the fairies themselves (after all, they’re quite shy and have to keep their magic secret) you may just spot some toadstool umbrellas, some pretty pebbles and even some secret fairy doors, nestling at the bottom of the trees.

Why not add your own? We’d love to see your work – and we happen to know that the fairies will LOVE it. Just like they love living in Bramhall and Cheadle Hulme!

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