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14 Dec 2017

Bramhall is a community of dog lovers – our very own Wendy Green included – and while we enjoy nothing more than pampering our pooches after a muddy walk in Bramhall Park, it’s a job we’d happily pass on to the professionals at Hartington Hounds.

From the dirtiest Doberman to the shaggiest sheepdog, Hartington Hounds is renowned for keeping Bramhall’s canine residents looking their very best.

Hartington Hounds

Located on the road it’s named after, on the approach to Bramhall village, Hartington Hounds was established in 2015 by owner Ginny Clarke, who had the building added to her home shortly after moving to the area from Saddleworth.

Ginny was a professional dog groomer back in Saddleworth but later carved out a career in sales, which had taken precedence until she moved to Bramhall. Shortly after settling into the village community, she decided to go back to what she loved most. The decision paid off; now, Ginny counts local celebrity DJs Chelsea Postma Tonge and Fiona Sadler among her regular clients.

Hartington Hounds

The flexibility of having the salon built into her Bramhall home gives Ginny the freedom she always craved and also means she can offer Bramhall residents a truly personal service. Where commercial salons work set hours and take on a number of dogs at any one time, Ginny works on a solely one-to-one basis with the dogs that come through her doors.

Hartington Hounds

Professional and purpose-built, the Hartington Hounds grooming parlour is quiet and relaxed – quite the opposite of many commercial high-street alternatives. Dealing with nervous and aggressive dogs as readily as hounds who are happy to be groomed, Ginny says it’s this one-on-one approach that enables dogs to feel more at ease.

Feeding off each other’s energy, dogs can pick up on the feelings of other canines; with no other dogs present, each canine customer has the luxury of Ginny’s sole attention and care. If a dog does become stressed, Ginny is able to slow down the process; each dog has a full two-hour slot, which is plenty of time to ensure that even the most panicky pooch can be groomed at a speed to suit.

Hartington Hounds

Ginny has built up a reputation as the go-to choice for tailor-made, high-quality grooming services that cater for every pet according to their own unique requirements. She is rightly proud of the fact that she doesn’t rely on muzzles; instead, Ginny has a secret weapon up her sleeve in the form of a tasty treat, which never fails to win over dogs in need of a little extra persuasion!

Hartington Hounds offers a comprehensive array of services, from a quick claw clip to a full shampoo, blow-dry and cut. Ginny uses only top quality equipment and even makes use of measures to make pups more comfortable, such as a special hairdryer hood that reduces noise and helps keep canines calmer. Open from Monday to Friday and weekends, both Saturday and Sundays the grooming salon also accommodates occasional evening grooms if a mutt gets particularly messy.

Hartington Hounds

The convenience offered by Hartington Hounds is one of its key advantages; Ginny gets up early to accommodate clients who need their pets pampering before heading off to work for the day, often fitting in her first customers at 8am. During the Christmas period, Ginny will be booking in dogs from 7.30am, which means that customers can drop off their hounds and have them back home before 9am in many cases.

Hartington Hounds

This flexibility is crucial for Bramhall’s many dog owners with busy schedules but it’s also an ideal way of working for early bird Ginny, giving her the opportunity to spend some all-important family time with her husband, 22-year-old daughter, 18-year-old son… and three Persian cats!

For more information about Hartington Hounds, or to book your pooch in for a pamper, here are all the details you’ll need:

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