I LOVE Hatters

30 Mar 2017

Jo Shippen is the MD of a wonderful Stockport based company called Hatters Promotional Merchandise. Anything from key rings, pens and mugs to clothing, glassware and bags can be supplied and customised by Jo and her team.

Hatters was set up by Jo in 1998. Jo has had over 20 years experience in this industry and the demand was getting so high for this kind of company that she set up the company herself! Back in 98, there wasn’t a lot of choice for customisable goods/merch, with 50% of the market being just pens. Even though they’re still a fair chunk of it now, there are so many more goods that companies want with their logo on it.


“What I love about what I do is that a lot of my clients have a more creative leaning.”

The key thing with Hatters is finding a company the best product for them as well as making the best use of their budget. They won’t try and give you an amazing piece of kit with your logo on if you have absolutely no need for it. When a company has a logo and a brand (like so many in Bramhall), Hatters understand that the owner of the brand is proud to see it every time they do so. With this in mind, Jo’s team ensure that every single time the logo is printed, it’s of the best quality it can be. Whether it be on 20 mugs or 50,000 pens, the brand representation is second to none due to the printing.


What you’ll find when using Hatters, which may differ from a lot of promotional companies, is that they’ll go out of their way to find a product which will be memorable for everyone that you give it to.

“Why is it called Hatters?” we hear you cry! Well, Jo is Stockport born and bred. When setting up the business, even though there were successful plans to take the business national as it now is, she wanted the business to have something connected to her roots. Being based in Regent House in the middle of Stockport is ideal for a company which has such a concentration on the North West of the country. Regent House is of course owned by ILB’s very own Orbit Developments, and they use Hatters themselves too, as we at ILB do too! More specifically, the likes of Dzinr, The Bubble Room and Juniper of Bramhall have all used Jo’s services.


One of the other key aspects of Hatters is the turnaround time. They’re focussed on delivering the products as quickly as possible whilst keeping the excellent quality they’re renowned for. The thing that makes them different is the contacts that they have along with the experience. Jo knows who she can trust to deliver something on time to a client and so can relay that trust onto them. Jo works with another expert in the form of Mike. He’s the expert in the print side of things and runs Hatters Print Solutions, providing everything from business cards to brochures, packaging to signage. A lot of local printers will not do that and that’s another thing that makes Hatters remarkable.


The Bubble Room, Mercato and Piccolino are amongst the favourites with Jo (and the majority of Bramhall!), so she spends some socialising time in these places as she loves the Bramhall community. Jo is a big flier of the I Love Bramhall spirit as she does exactly that – LOVE it! If you’re a Bramhall business owner looking for some promotional goodies, you now know who to go to. Jo, Mike and their team will absolutely not let you down!


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