16 Aug 2016

HR is becoming more and more of a worry for companies. Whether businesses just don’t have the time to do it properly or are even in fact doing it to the best of their knowledge and missing essentials, it is indeed a growing concern. That is where Emma Fay-Touhey at the HR Dept come in.

Emma lives in Woodley and has done all of her life (on the same road in fact!). After living with her parents, her and her husband bought a house together three years ago and are accompanied there with their pet cat. The marriage was last September and they’ve been enjoying life together ever since.

HR Dept - Emma

Bramhall has always held a fond place in Emma’s heart. Her husband used to live here and the pair spent their time half at his flat and half at Emma’s parents in Woodley.

“When I started my own business, it was somewhere I wanted to focus on because I like the whole community.”

What a lovely thing to say, and we all very much agree with you Emma!

The Bubble Room is a personal favourite of Emma’s, where she actually goes for a lot of her meetings with clients as well as in her social time. Turquoise is another favourite for reasons we all share! The Chilli Banana was also mentioned in high regard, with Emma saying she loves the food and the atmosphere in there.

Moving onto the business side of things, HR Dept is a franchise and Emma runs the  Wilmslow franchise which covers a lot of the South of Manchester area. It is essentially exactly what it says on the tin – it is the HR department for local small and medium size businesses. A lot of the time small companies can’t afford to have their own HR staff and, as Emma says, until the company is employing around the 200 people mark, it’s not really justifiable to have an HR department. For businesses who fall into the bracket of 1-200 staff, it’s very often more effective to outsource the human resources to other companies, such as Emma’s HR Dept!

Anything from helping to recruit people, putting in place contracts, employee handbooks, policies, redundancy projects, maternity leave, entitlement and so much more is what Emma covers. The thing that makes her and the HR Dept different, however, is that everything is bespoke to the client. Nothing is generic and nothing is just copied and pasted with the business name being the only change! Customer service is key to Emma’s business as she’s the only member of staff. She clearly excels in this area too, as her 37 clients she currently has will agree!

Emma’s top service is a retained one where she also sets up insurance policies for companies. If this doesn’t appeal, then she also offers a ‘pay-as-you-go’ option, where you can use her advice and expertise at your disposal. 37 clients is a proud figure to boast for just one person and is testament to Emma’s professionalism, customer service and knowledge on the ever-changing laws. The HR Dept recently ran a survey on customer service over certain areas and as a company they scored 9.3/10 – an amazing result. Emma herself got 9.6/10 – even better!

The strapline of the HR Dept is ‘Preventing People Problems’ and that’s exactly what Emma does. Prevention of a problem is better than dealing with a problem once it’s already happened isn’t it! Emma does a free review of a company where she’ll come into your business, have a chat, see what is in place already and see how you can be protected more. This comes with no obligation, it’s a no brainer! Emma loves what she does, she loves Bramhall, and Bramhall loves the HR Dept!

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