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23 Jun 2017
Turn your home into a castle with Inin Eco System’s revolutionary new exterior wall refurbishment service. Reduce energy bills by up to 30%, defend against damp and boost the kerb appeal of your house.
Inin Eco Systems is based in Chelford and sales are driven by Joel Gordon, an ex-Cheadle Hulme School lad who came across a new paint system that protects houses from the infamous British weather.
InIn Eco Homes
“I’ve lived in Bramhall for most of my life, and I know how proud people are of their homes. I wanted to help them to fix long term damp problems, reduce their heating bills and keep their homes looking beautiful. Most people have double glazing, loft and cavity wall insulation but the biggest problem with moisture getting into the home is through the walls”
InIN Eco Homes 
Now there is a solution, thanks to BASF’s innovative ProPERLA® technology which seals your home with a super-hydrophobic, breathable layer of clear coating which keeps the heat in and the damp out.
InIn Eco Homes
“It’s like wrapping a Gore-Tex jacket round your house” Joel explains. “and within 3 months of us finishing the job, the house will be 100% dry”
 The coating can be applied to any porous materials to rapidly cover bricks, render, windows and even roof tiles. Rain and dirt simply slide off, ensuring that the outside of your house remains clean and dry. 
“It is particularly effective on older properties with existing damp problems, and to protect and preserve all buildings from long term moisture damage” Joel adds. 
InIn Eco Homes
The ProPERLA® coating applied to brick walls is transparent and odourless to retain the natural beauty of the bricks and comes with a 20 year guarantee. For rendered houses the paint version can be specified in a range of colours to add ‘kerb appeal’ to your home and is guaranteed for 10 years meaning no more painting..
Does your house exterior have unsightly cracks or need repointing? Maybe your render has blown or there is peeling and discoloured paint? 
No problem. Joel’s team of builders and decorators can clean, repoint, render and make good any house exterior before applying the coating, whether you wish to restore your house to its original glory, or completely transform the appearance of your home to suit your own individual taste.
InIn Eco Homes
 This patented technology is already widely used on houses across across Europe, but it is new to the UK. Great news for local homeowners looking to renovate or remodel their property, and reduce their carbon footprint too.
And the even better news is that Inin Eco Home Solution’s ‘Postcode Discount Scheme’ means that a limited number of new customers in the Bramhall and Cheadle Hulme area can qualify for a discount.

For a free survey of your home, complete with eco readings and recommendations, contact Joel :


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