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16 Nov 2017

A woman called tech support and said her computer couldn’t find the printer. The tech asked, “are you working under windows?” The woman replied, “no I’m near the door but the guy next to me is working under a window and his printer works fine.”

Originally from Scotland, working at Freight forwarding, Tom decided he wanted a change and gradually made his way South, ending up in the village of dreams…Bramhall. In March 2003 with his wife Susan and her cousin Dawn, Tom bought the franchise Cartridge World which then changed its name to Ink and Toner World with branches in Hazel Grove, Wilmslow and Buxton but kept the main hub as Bramhall.

Ink and Toner

The business prides itself on being synchronised with market change, always adapting to new developments and advances. Some of the many services provided include repairs, free advice and also free call outs! He’s the real Mr Fix it. 

Ink and TonerHowever, as the primary focus of the business is to remanufacture and refill printer cartridges, this gave him an idea. Based on the similar concept of refilling, he decided to invest in E-cigs. Now I know there are those who are dubious about the E-cig but if not for the health benefit, which there is one, there is the fact that it only costs on average £30pm compared to the snowballing prices of tobacco. Tom sells the E-cig with many different flavoured liquids to choose from.

Ink and Toner

What many don’t know is that Ink and Toner World not only specialise in the obvious, they also have general office supplies which are a fraction of the price of the supermarkets. Tom and the team supply to many of the well-loved Bramhall business’ such as Bevan and co, Bramhall solicitors, Gasgoine and Halman, Jinkinson opticians and many more. They also supply a lot of the essentials to the local schools in the area including our Bramhall high school!

Ink and Toner

Although Tom and Susan live in Altrincham, they are an integral part of the Bramhall community, sponsoring many varieties of events and clubs. The annual Duck Race held in Bramhall park being one of them, which Tom says is a fun family day out, having 5 grandchildren himself, he prides himself on being a family man. Another is our local football team, the awesome Mountfield Rovers, which is reaching the 50-year-old mark! Tom says he has seen the club come on in leaps and bounds, sponsoring them for 6 years, he watched them go from strength to strength, after sadly losing many games prior, they started to pick up their game and had an incredible winning streak which he said was wonderful to see and gave him pride to sponsor them.

Ink and Toner

When talking to Tom about what he does in his free time, he says he finds it therapeutic to attend to his pond. Now when I heard the word pond, I expected something the size of a paddling pool, perhaps filled with some tadpoles and the odd fish…when he showed me some photos, it was big enough for the Olympic diving team! Filled with a bright variety of exotic Koi carp. Not only is it an alluring garden feature but the grandchildren love it, spending a lot of time there attending to all the fish. Tom also enjoys going for a quick after-work drink in the lively Bubble Room as he says it has a great atmosphere and friendly staff! Couldn’t agree more Tom!

Ink and Toner

Ink and Toner World has had a lot of success, supplying to 250 business’ in and around the Bramhall area, and in March 2018, they are celebrating their 15th anniversary! I’m sure we will be popping over to celebrate with Tom and the team around then!

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