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10 May 2017

Let us introduce you to the personal introductions and matchmaking company called INTRO.

Who do you know that has found themselves considering internet dating and the idea is a bit scary to them on many levels?  Maybe they have had a less than satisfactory experience with on-line dating?  If there was an organisation that made it all a bit less scary and a bit more personal do you think this would appeal to them?


Intro’s Managing Director, Annabel Hannam is dedicated to creating a friendly, personalised and professional matchmaking experience.  INTRO is a new company established in 2016 and is based in South Manchester.  INTRO covers people who live and work in Manchester and Cheshire and the North West.


Annabel Hannam

Prior to starting INTRO Annabel worked for Citizens Advice, a tennis management company and more recently one of the country’s leading matchmaking companies.  As a result, she has years of experience with supporting and advising people.  A role she embraces.  This positions her perfectly in her role as a matchmaker.

Let me explain to you exactly how INTRO works and the benefits to the client.  INTRO offers a personalised service and has face-to-face meetings with each and every one of their clients to get to know them and understand what they are looking for in a partner.  There is no software or algorithms only experienced individuals who will match you with your potential companion.  It is during this one-to- one meeting that the client fills out the comprehensive application form.  All clients are required to provide identification as part of the security check.  Once the application form is completed INTRO helps the clients with a draft profile.  There are never any contact details on any of the profiles.  All initial contacts are made by INTRO.  When the client is satisfied with their profile INTRO will provide them with a photographer for their profile picture or they can provide their own.


The next stage of the process is the profile selection meeting.  INTRO will have selected up to five potential matches based on core values, life stage, interests, hobbies, etc.  Once the selections are made INTRO will make the contact and once they both agree a meeting will be arranged.   After the initial date, INTRO will do a follow up with both interested parties to see how they got on.  If necessary INTRO will ‘get them out of trouble’ and allow the clients to move on without mutual embarrassment or share in the excitement of a successful date.  With INTRO the clients are guaranteed a minimum number of introductions in their twelve-month membership.

The difference between internet dating services and INTRO’s personalised matchmaking service is INTRO provides quality over quantity.  It is safe because each client is vetted.  They take the clients step by step through the process to make it easy for them.

INTRO has made arrangements to offer reduced rates to staff or members with the BBC Club at Media City, Club A-Z at Astra Zeneca, Mottram Hall, Mere, Wilmslow and Prestbury golf clubs to name a few.


Intro offices in Wilmslow

So, if you know of someone that would benefit from INTRO they can check out their website www.intro-nw.com.  I am sure Annabel would be happy to have a conversation with anyone that is serious about finding a partner.  I can assure you that they will be in safe hands.

On Wednesday 24 May INTRO is hosting an event at Blanc de Blancs in Bramhall – for more information and booking head to our events page

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