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17 Aug 2016

Amin Ammar is the proud owner of Juniper in Bramhall and much like the journey Juniper has been on itself, Amin has come a long way since his humble beginning in Syria…

We caught up with Amin and found out more about the man behind the best beard in Bramhall.

 Juniper Cafe Bramhall April Chelsea Shoesmith Food Photography

Amin currently lives in Didsbury and has done since 2007. Shortly before this, he lived in Liverpool where he worked in a restaurant with his cousin and his culinary skills started to grow. Before all of this, however, was 2005 and the year Amin decided to leave his motherland for the United Kingdom. Intensive language courses paid off incredibly as his English is now second to none – not bad for just over 10 years in the country!

 Juniper Cafe Bramhall April Chelsea Shoesmith Food Photography

Similarities between Manchester and where Amin was living in Syria (Damascus) is one of the reasons he chose to start Juniper in the Manchester region, when he opened the Heaton Moor branch in 2011. A few years later and success was aplenty, leading to a Bramhall branch being opened. That was just over a year ago, meaning that Juniper has just celebrated it’s 1st birthday! Happy birthday Juniper! Plans to open a third branch down in London are well underway and Amin is thoroughly excited about it all. The possibility of taking his family and young children down to London is certainly enough to make the hairs on the back of his neck stand up!

 Juniper Cafe Bramhall

Just before Juniper became a reality, Amin decided to start his own carpet cleaning business, using nothing but himself, some some small equipment and his little car. After a first year of finding his feet, the business grew and grew and allowed some savings to be made and put towards Juniper.

“We’ve got something different here. We go the extra mile.”

Amin sees the difference in his business compared to everyone else as threefold:

  1. Welcoming customer service
  2. Cleanliness
  3. Food quality

Juniper ensure that these three qualities are always second to none and Amin sees this as the reason that Juniper’s success has been so strong in just year one of business.

 Juniper Cafe Bramhall April Chelsea Shoesmith Food Photography_

The food there is very continental, offering the likes of omelettes and eggs benedict as well as traditional English foods like chicken salads and their signature full English breakfast which goes like hot cakes! Very popular! All of the food is displayed on a menu designed by Stuart and his team at DZINR, allowing the quality of the food to be as equal as the quality in menu!

Juniper, for those who don’t know, is a type of berry, and is used in some of Amin’s dishes and smoothies, another beautiful option on the menu! All smoothie ingredients are sourced locally and blended in-store.

 Juniper Cafe Bramhall April Chelsea Shoesmith Food Photography_

It’s been a good year for Amin and especially the Bramhall branch of Juniper. A new menu is imminent and will offer even more gorgeous foods such as fajita wraps and gourmet burgers, which will only continue the success of one of Bramhall’s favourite cafés long into the future, and long may it last indeed!

Download the menu here

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