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17 Mar 2017

In 1932, Byles was started as a painting/wallpaper business in Hyde. After thriving in that industry and area, more staff joined and the expansion into the kitchen industry followed in around 1970.

Soon after, bedrooms and bathrooms followed too! Not just a one trick pony this business is it! As the new areas of the business grew, the original painting and wallpaper side of the business diminished until it eventually stopped completely. The Hyde business was so successful that the new owners of the business, Penny and Chris – the grandchildren of the founder – decided to branch out into Bramhall and more recently, Marple. The Hyde site is now used solely as a warehouse.

Keller Kitchen

Why did they choose Bramhall? Well, Penny lives in Bramhall which is a good start, but also a lot of the business Byles got came from Bramhall, so it made sense to have a local hub here too. After working in the business since the age of 16, Penny knew what was best for the business and it’s fair to say the decision was a correct one. Originally, Penny helped manage the paint and wallpaper side of things before moving onto kitchens. When they decided to start a family, an office role beckoned as she was determined to continue working no matter what. The passion she has with her work is clear to see for anyone who speaks to her.

Keller Kitchen

Penny moved to Bramhall in the early 90s with her husband, and despite still feeling like a bit of a newcomer to the village, she feels like she’s got to grips and partakes in the famous community spirit that we all have. While she enjoys being a part of the community, she also enjoys the benefits of it, often dining at her favourites such as Mercato and Piccolino – the two names that crop up so often when we speak to different business owners.

“It’s probably the best thing we ever did, moving to Bramhall.”

Penny and her husband (an accountant based in Warrington) have three children together. William who is 24, Rachel who’s 23 and Thomas who recently celebrated his 21st birthday. Family is important to Penny like many people, especially as she has worked with hers all her life. She runs the Bramhall showroom while her brother, Chris, runs the Marple showroom. Two other staff members also work between the showrooms and there’s a driver too. Of course, there are fitters who are sub-contracted to fit the kitchens and bathrooms – all of whom are of the highest quality!

Keller Kitchen

Byles have a strapline which is ‘making houses homes’ and they want everyone to share the same passion that they have in their kitchens. The staff absolutely love the kitchens they supply and fit which of course includes the famous Keller Kitchens. If you walk into the showroom in Bramhall then you’ll see for yourself the quality of the equipment and will get an opinion on whether they’re the company for you. The attention to detail is something which separates them from the rest, so we think we know the answer!

Keller Kitchen

Penny is a lovely lady who is more than friendly and welcoming on your entrance to the showroom. If you’re thinking about a new kitchen then we can definitely recommend

Byles to you, and equally so if you want more, such as a bathroom! Penny loves Bramhall in the same way that we love Byles!


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