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3 Jan 2019

If you’re thinking of making positive lifestyle changes in 2019, Kelly Jay Hypnotherapy should be your first port of call. I Love Bramhall met up with founder Kelly to find out how she helps people overcome challenges like depression, weight issues and addiction to bridge the gap between where they are in life and where they want to be.

Kelly Jay Hypnotherapy uses solution focused hypnotherapy – a combination of solution-focused psychotherapy and relaxing hypnosis- to treat anxiety disorders, phobias and depression, as well as many other challenges, and more and more people are reaping the benefits in Bramhall and beyond.

Kelly Jay Hypnotherapy

Kelly works out of treatment rooms in Wilmslow and Cheadle, which are ideally located for Bramhall residents, and is open five days a week – including evenings and weekends. For those who’d prefer to be in the comfort of their own home for the sessions, Kelly also runs a convenient mobile service.

Clients from Trafford to Alderley Edge and everywhere in between have visited Kelly Jay Hypnotherapy but Kelly particularly loves the friendly atmosphere of Bramhall and the surrounding areas, both during work visits and when she’s calling in at other independent businesses for lunch or shopping during her free time.

Kelly Jay Hypnotherapy

Though there’s no ‘typical’ session, Kelly first talks to her clients about what they want to achieve, what’s going on in their lives and the way the brain works. She then guides the client into a trance, which is when the conscious and subconscious mind focus on the same goal. Trance is a natural state we all go into every day, such as when we’re watching TV, meditating or ‘zoning out’ – Kelly often goes in to trance when she’s ironing!

Friendly and professional, Kelly is adept putting clients at ease straight away. She’s passionate about helping people achieve their potential and gaining the tools to make lasting change.

Kelly Jay Hypnotherapy

Clients usually visit Kelly between six and 12 times, though some may have the foundations for lasting change after just one or two appointments. Due to the solution-focused nature of the sessions and efforts to rework neural pathways, clients often find their issues are resolved in a shorter time than with methods such as self-help or counselling – a win for individuals with a busy schedule.

Hypnotherapy can benefit people dealing with a huge range of issues. Kelly’s goal is to enable people to deliver their goals to themselves in a positive and uplifting way, and in the past she has helped clients with everything from quitting smoking to getting pregnant. Clients of all ages visit Kelly, including some as young as nine. Kelly Jay Hypnotherapy has proved very popular with teenagers looking to manage school and exam stress.

The Kelly Jay Hypnotherapy motto is ‘Solutions for Life’, and that’s exactly what her hypnotherapy sessions aim to deliver. Rather than a quick fix, Kelly equips clients with a toolkit of methods that they can refer to when faced with any problem.

Positive change can be achieved quickly and easily through hypnotherapy, so it’s definitely worth getting in touch with Kelly Jay Hypnotherapy to see how she can help you.

Special offer: Want to start the new year the right way and keep your resolutions throughout 2019 and onwards? Kelly Jay Hypnotherapy is offering 10% off if you quote I Love Bramhall when booking, and a further 10% off for anyone booking a course of six sessions in 2019.

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