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18 May 2017

From Airline Executive to children’s hair salon owner, meet Sharon Dobson from Little BigHeads. Interesting transition of careers.  Sharon recognised that her dream job was not fitting into her family life with a young family.

She is a busy Mum to Molly and Lucy now nine and seven years of age.  With her entrepreneurial spirit and business head she had several business ideas that she tested until she came across Little Big Heads in Wilmslow.  She left her airline job and took the bull by the horns in 2012. Sharon saw the potential of the brand and concept and purchased the business and intellectual property. 

Little Big Heads Bramhall -Sharon Dodbson copy

Within two years she found the Bramhall location in the precinct and opened her second location in 2014.  Little BigHeads are open seven days a week to accommodate the busy schedule and demands on young families.  This environment is set up to make the task of your children’s hair cut an enjoyable experience.  There are hot drinks, magazines and wifi to keep the adult companions happy as well. 

The shop is thoughtfully laid out with the salon separated from the play area.  All very child friendly.  The salon chairs are just the right size to accommodate a child.  Each station is equipped with a tablet to play your child’s favorite programme.  This keeps them entertained and less wriggly.  Well one can hope.  If nothing else they are happy which is half the battle.

Little Big Heads Bramhall

The staff have a minimum of five years’ experience as a stylist before becoming a Little Big Heads team member.  The challenges are very different from dealing with adults, but the staff love it.  I had the opportunity to observe Carina who is the manager of the Bramhall location at work cutting a toddler’s hair.  She made it look easy.  Sign of a true professional. 

Little Big Heads Bramhall

For a child that is less than pleased with the process feel free to bring them into the shop and let them play in the play room.  After a few visits they will most likely feel comfortable enough for a haircut.  If that means the stylist has to do a cut with the child playing in the playroom or sitting on the floor then that is what they do.  They are also equipped to lovingly provide the same services for children of special needs.

Little Big Heads BramhallFor your child’s first haircut you will leave Little BigHeads with a 1st Haircut certificate and a voile drawstring bag with a clip of baby’s lock.  Every child leaves with a sticker, lollipops or raisins.  I don’t think many adults leave without their little one having a play session in the well-equipped play room.  It is all pretty magical.

There is also a retail side to the shop.  They sell the expected hair products, however the brands that they stock such as Original Sprout, Milk Shake and mini-u are free of parabens and SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate).  They have hair accessories, fairy wings, Disney character dress-up clothes, a selection of gifts for birthday parties or a special treat and much more.

Little Big Heads Bramhall

By the end of July, they will be offering Froddo and Pediped children’s shoes.  The experienced shoe fitters, receptionists and managers are in the process of undertaking the Society of Shoe Fitters five-month module of training.  The brands that they offer are also approved by the Society.  Sharon wants to ensure that her little clients are properly taken care of from head to toe.

As with any successful business you can expect growth.  On May 12 Little BigHeads will be opening their third location in Altrincham.  I Love Bramhall wishes Sharon and her team the best of luck with their new location.

Next time you are in the Village Square stop by and say hello to Carina and the rest of the staff.   Be warned however if you little one is with you they may just want to get their hair cut!  It is that inviting. 

Little Big Heads Bramhall


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