I LOVE Mark Bristow, the Financial Healer

23 May 2019

 Some of us are just unlucky with money, right? Well, according to Mark Bristow, wrong. Mark is a Financial Coach with a twist, focusing on helping people to let go of subconscious thought patterns that create a negative relationship with money. I Love Bramhall met up with him to find out more.

Having spent his career working in finance back in his native Bristol, Mark moved to Bramhall around ten years ago for a change of scenery, and has loved getting to know the community both in and out of work ever since.

The Financial Healer

Back in Bristol, Mark took part in a Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP) course for his own benefit and unknowingly found the next road his career would go down. NLP looks at the way we think, and how these thoughts can manifest positive or negative effects in our lives.

Mark combines this with EFT, or the Emotional Freedom Technique, which is often described as ‘acupuncture without the needles’. Rooted in Chinese medicine, EFT involves simply tapping on the energy hot spots in the body to release negative emotions and getting everything flowing as it should be.

A little more approachable for those who don’t like needles, EFT brings about similar positive results to counteract physical and emotional pain. Coupling the tapping motion with a mantra such as ‘even though I am struggling with money (for example), I love and accept myself’, EFT is a holistic and personal treatment that can be applied to all people and situations.

Mark’s services centre on uncovering buried memories, which we may not realise have been affecting our thought processes for years. For example, a memory of being told ‘money can’t buy happiness’ may have lead someone to think ‘money isn’t good’, a train of thought that Mark seeks to rewire.

While specialising in helping people to overcome financial difficulties, drawing on the expertise he picked up working in the industry for over 25 years, Mark’s services have helped people to tackle anything and everything from weight management to exam stress.

The general rule of thumb for when to use EFT is to ‘try it with everything’, and this has certainly proven the case with Mark’s work. He has helped people to get out of debt, improve their sports performance, cope with anxiety and lose or gain weight, so it’s worth enquiring to see if he could help with anything you may be dealing with.

The Financial Healer tends to visit people at home, which helps clients to feel relaxed and at ease. Mark says that it typically takes around six sessions in order for the back of the problem to be broken, but that sessions equip clients with the toolkit of methods they need to continue self-treatment whenever necessary.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Mark and what he does, he published a book titled The Financial Healer, which is available on Kindle or as a paperback. The book challenges you to ‘change your self worth to increase your net worth’, and is a brilliant point of reference, especially when coupled with a few sessions with the guru himself.

To find out more about Mark Bristow, the Financial Healer  get in touch, check out the links below. You can download the book in Kindle version here and the paperback here.


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