I Love Mark Bristow – FAST support for frontline workers 

17 Mar 2021

We’re all too aware of the devastating impact Covid-19 has had on our nation’s economy, health services and education. But what about the damage to our mental health? We caught up with Mark Bristow – self-worth and money coach and author of The Financial Healer – to hear about a free service available for hospital and frontline staff in the UK. 

Bramhall resident Mark is an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner who helps people to transform their lives. In fact, his own life transformation was brought about by EFT. Previously working in the financial services industry, Mark felt unsatisfied and so began to train in a range of therapies. This inspired him to leave his financial career and dedicate himself to helping others achieve financial stability. 

EFT, also known as tapping, calms anxiety and other overwhelming feelings. Used alongside talking therapy, it can be taught online and practised with a therapist or on your own. By working on energy hotspots in your body, EFT helps to restore balance, relieving symptoms of stress and trauma. 

Mark explains how he is backing a group of highly skilled trauma-experienced practitioners who are volunteering to support frontline workers:

“Frontline Assistance for Stress and Trauma – or FAST – was set up after requests for help from frontline workers who were so stressed they felt unable to go to work,” he says. “With my background, I am able to promote the work of FAST to ensure as many workers as possible can access help.” 

Professional therapist Wendy Stoten formed the FAST organisation in 2020 with a group of volunteer EFT therapists. They provide free and confidential one-to-one emotional support for all UK-based healthcare and emergency workers, including the police force and care workers. Individuals who contact FAST receive four free one-to-one EFT sessions, helping them to deal with emotional stress. 

It’s no coincidence that the organisation uses the acronym FAST – the service really is fast. Frontline workers can be paired up with a practitioner within just a few hours of reaching out and can see change in as little as one session. Clients have been surprised at how quickly they’ve felt a difference – reviewers say that “the effect was instant and dramatic” and that being treated “felt so liberating”. 

With a 90% success rate, Mark hopes that EFT will become as widely accepted as acupuncture. “It’s certainly more appealing for anyone with a fear of needles!” he adds. EFT is easy to learn, free from side effects and accessible for all. It can help with anything from minor issues to significant trauma. Practitioners treat a range of problems from quitting smoking to enhancing self-worth or financial wellbeing (Mark’s forte as The Financial Healer). 

The transition to online sessions has been straightforward for Mark, as his clients can still be treated in their comfort zone. The session format remains the same because there is no physical contact between an EFT practitioner and their client. Mark demonstrates tapping techniques on screen, which clients perform on themselves and can use outside the sessions. 

For anyone who is sceptical, Mark’s advice is to “just try it” – even taking a few moments out of your stressful day to learn the technique could be beneficial. EFT has helped Mark to challenge his own beliefs and transform his life, as well as the lives of clients the world over. 

Mark offers a free first session for all those who are new to his practice. When he’s not treating clients, Mark is busy recording his podcast and writing books, but says his life purpose is “to promote the work of FAST to as many people as possible”. 

To find out more, or to get in touch with Mark directly, use the links below: 

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