I LOVE Mobitechs

11 Jan 2017

Faisal Mahmood is the proud owner of Mobitechs – a little shop in the heart of Bramhall village where you can repair your phone, laptop, tablet, screen and even buy some cool accessories for them all.

Faisal has 8 years experience in the mobile phone industry after studying business administration at Manchester College and is rapidly becoming one of the most trusted names in the area for our lovely community. He was born in Lahore, Pakistan and moved over in 2001 to do his studying and even became an Arabic teacher for a time – a man of many talents!


Mobitechs itself opened in 2015 and there are plans to evolve the company and branch out into different areas in the near future – a clear sign of the progression Faisal has made!

“We are mobile phones, tablets and computers repair centre. We buy, we sell, we exchange, we trade new and used products.” – they do the lot!

As we went into interview Faisal, no less than FOUR customers came in the door asking for help and buying products as well as the phone ringing twice… we were only there fifteen minutes! Business is booming. One of the customers came in wanting a screen protector for his phone as well as a case, of which the choice was aplenty. Mobitechs then actually fit the screen themselves there and then while the man paid – talk about quick service! It was even put on for FREE, a favour which Faisal often gives to his customers who give him good business.


This is one of the main advantages of Mobitechs: the express delivery. They can even offer half price on the accessories you may want to buy while you wait for the main product to be fixed, which is often less than 60 minutes. Guess what as well, if you can’t make it to the shop for whatever reason, Mobitechs will come to you and collect the faulty product, then deliver it back to you as long as you’re within 3 miles of the shop! Within 5/6 miles, the charge is only £5 extra too!


Don’t we all hate it when you get a virus on your computer and think the world is going to end? If you do have a laptop which has a virus on it, Mobitechs will not only happily take it off you, but they’ll remove all of your files, put them onto a hard drive and then restore the files onto the freshly clean computer! This is another service that is free of charge, a great advantage over other companies who have been known to charge heavily for this service.


Mobitechs is the Aladdin’s Cave of the technology world. It catches everyone’s eyes as they walk past it and who can blame them? The laptops on display, the phones, the tablets, the accessories… it’s all enough to make you stop and stare and want to go inside. The success has been so great that Faisal is looking at opening another branch in Wilmslow very soon and thereafter there will be even more popping up everywhere! Keep your eyes peeled for that! Is your phone screen broke? Does your laptop have a virus? Do you need a new phone case? Do you want VERY fast and efficient service? If the answer is yes, which it so often is with us all, Mobitechs is the place for you.


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