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31 Mar 2017

Come this June Mosley Jarman, the market leading Estate Agent in the Bramhall area will be celebrating six years in business.  In April they will be celebrating the third anniversary of the opening of the Wilmslow branch which was opened in 2014.  

They just keep going from strength to strength.  When sitting down with Nick Mosley, Director of the company I learned about his journey, business ethos, and his passion for his brand.

Mosley jarman

Prior to opening the doors of Mosley Jarman in June, 2011 Nick had previous experience working as an estate agent for other companies.  When he made the decision to start his own company he put a lot of thought into what he wanted to take from his previous experiences and put into his own business.  He decided then that he was going to be a hands-on director and create an environment that would “Maintain the level of business whilst keeping the excellent customer service.”  He wanted to be the go-to agent in Bramhall.  Based on data from an independent verified review site, Mosely Jarman over the past twelve months hold 37.3% of the Bramhall market of Estate Agents.  This makes them the market leader of all the agents in Bramhall.

Mosley jarman

When he started the business, it was Nick and one other.  He now has a strong well skilled team of thirteen full-time equivalent employees across the two offices.  He prefers to recruit locally, people that have local knowledge.  His first choice is to promote from within when possible.  His agent to client ratio is higher than the average estate agent.  He uses the formula of twenty-five properties listed equals one member of staff.  This formula is needed to maintain the level of customer service that Mosley Jarman provides.  It must be working because on the independent review site www.allagents.co.uk, Mosley Jarman is ranked 43rd out of 26,127 of Estate Agency branches in the UK, 1st out of 22 in the SK7 branches and 1st out of 76 in Stockport for customer service.  Impressive!

Many Estate Agents are now corporate and controlled by shareholders.  Mosley Jarman are an independent local business and Nick remains working on and in his business directly.  He is proud of the fact that the business has grown organically, mostly through referrals and word of mouth.  The services provided are, sales, letting, valuations, property management, legal and financial.  They generally have 100 houses for sale on their books.  Their letting profile is increasing.  This is due to Mark Ledgard joining the team as the Property Manager.  Mark comes with a massive amount of experience.  He has previously managed a team of up to 20 people and nearly 1,000 apartments in the city centre.   

Nick believes in supporting local business.  Not only through his activity with local charities but by using the products of services provided within the Village.  Anything from coffee and cakes to brand and web design at Bramhall’s own Dzinr.  He appreciates the importance of supporting the Village.

Mosley jarman

Nick works hard to stay ahead of the game keeping just above the level playing field.  There is never any down time in his industry.  The clients are all at varying stages of buying and selling.  No day is started with a clean slate.  This can make work life balance a bit challenging.  On the life cycle Nick is possibly even busier than with his work cycle.  He and his partner Chloe have two small children. Their daughter Scout is 20 months and their son Zebedee is a wee lad of 6 months.  He admitted that if he thought about starting his business now it wouldn’t happen. But he knew that when he started his business six years ago. 

If you are looking to buy, sell, let or rent now or in the future in the Bramhall or Wilmslow area make Mosley Jarman your go-to Estate Agent.  They pride themselves on being good communicators, negotiators and even counselors if need be.  Feedback of my local knowledge is they won’t be let down during any stage of the process.


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