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11 Oct 2016

Have you ever had a really good idea for a smartphone app but not had the foggiest on how to make it reality? 38-year-old Chris Pimlott is the proud owner of MyBuzz Technologies who specialise in creating smartphone and tablet apps.

Chris was born and has lived in and around Stockport for most of his life with the latter three years being in our beloved Bramhall. He moved here as he felt it was one of the best areas in Stockport, with a real community feel, so give yourselves a pat on the back residents of Bramhall!


The Mounting Stone is Chris’ favourite pub due to its wide range of interesting and varied ales and the great atmosphere that the people bring into it. Napa and The Vic are also up there with his favourites (and most of ours too!).

MyBuzz Technologies is, as mentioned, a software company that specialises in mobile apps. After over 15 years working for all kinds of software companies including really big companies like Hewlett Packard, Chris decided to take the plunge into running his own business focusing on what he loved best. He already had a really popular app in the App Store at that point so it was a great first step into getting started.

The app is called MyShiftPlanner and some of you may already use it – there’ve been over 200,000 downloads… Worldwide… In over 80 countries! That’s absolutely amazing and all of the growth of the app has been totally organic, so when the planned digital marketing campaign takes off soon – who knows how many people will use it!?

My Shift Planner

For those who haven’t seen it yet, MyShiftPlanner is a really simple, colour-coded app for people who work shifts to keep track of when they’re working. Chris actually created the app specifically for people who aren’t very tech-savvy and it’s certainly paid off. Have a look for yourself – search ‘MyShiftPlanner’ in your App Store or Google Play app on your smartphone and download it for free. Chris is currently in talks with a number of large businesses to bring a business version of the app into their workforce too, so watch this space!

 “There’ll never be a shortage of ideas for apps”

Chris is confident in his abilities and his ideas – and why shouldn’t he be!?

In the space of just 2 short years, he’s grown from a one-man operation based at home, to a 3 person team with more on the way! A great sign of growth in such a short space of time for My Buzz Technologies!

Chris loves being part of the Bramhall community, so if you have an idea for an app you’d like to discuss or just find out more about what’s possible, he’d be more than happy to have a chat over a coffee. If you’re also reading this thinking you need a better way to know when you’re working (or not) why not download MyShiftPlanner and see how much easier it will make your life!



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