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2 Aug 2017

One lovely summer’s afternoon we met Mahar of NewTech. Born and raised in Syria, he moved to the UK in 2011 and started work in a coffee shop in Withington.

After a few years there, he started his own business which we now know as New Tech.


The Syrian community, Mahar tells us, is quite large in Manchester. It is through this community that he met Amin of Juniper, who he stays in close contact and remains good friends.


Mahar has a lot of experience in the work that New Tech does. Many years of work in the same industry in Syria confirm that is true. When he arrived in the UK, he realised he had to do some training to become qualified, so undertook this training whilst working at the coffee shop in Withington.


Once the training was complete and the certificate was in his hands, Mahar started to spread the word about New Tech through the Syrian community as well as locally. 4 years on and all is well with the business.

What does New Tech DO though?

NewTech takes care of all of your security installation needs. This includes CCTV and alarm systems. Another side of the business is the audio-visual side. This is where places like coffee shops, restaurants and hotels want background music systems, public announcements, high quality televisions and sound systems installed into their workplace. Juniper is one of the places that Mahar has installed the audio system, CCTV and alarm system, so if you need a recommendation, look no further than our very own Amin at Juniper!


Most of the time, Mahar works on his own. Depending on the size of the project, however, he can employ a few more workers. If, for example, Mahar needs to install a security system into a large factory, which has happened before, then he’ll work with a few colleagues for the project.

In the future, Mahar is looking at moving into just the commercial field. Sometimes, commercial jobs require installation of over 30 cameras, meaning the job is a lot more satisfying for Mahar when it is done. With that, he hopes to expand where he will be able to have a few more full time employees as well as a few more vehicles, making the already growing reputation of NewTech much greater. Mahar also wants New Tech to expand into Manchester city centre, hopefully opening new branches in the process.


New Tech is based in Sharston at the moment, but a lot of jobs are done in and around the SK7/SK8/SK9 region, hence why he loves Bramhall so much (as well as his relationship with business owners such as Amin who work here). He loves the community spirit and the word of mouth promotion that the residents pass on for him!

“When I started, I realised I have to do a decent job. I always tell people about my one year warranty too.”

If you need a domestic or commercial security installation, whether it be CCTV or alarms, Mahar is the man for you. Similarly, if you need any audio-visual installations, he can do that too! We LOVED learning more about New Tech and New Tech LOVE the people of Bramhall for all the help and recommendations they’ve given him over the years!


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