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20 Feb 2019

Situated conveniently in the centre of Bramhall Village, Optique Opticians is dedicated to keeping the community’s eyes in great shape. I Love Bramhall met up with directors Ahmad and Lobat Sheikholeslami and receptionist Debbie to find out more about the services they offer.

March marks a big milestone at Optique Opticians, who are celebrating their seventh anniversary since setting up shop in Bramhall. Lobat and Ahmad live locally and love the community spirit of the village, as well as their proximity to other fantastic independent businesses.

Optique Opticians

Optique Opticians offers a wide range of services – everything from the treatment of minor eye conditions to the recent addition of hearing tests – and an excellent quality of care. The team makes each customer feel at home, too, greeting everyone with a warm welcome and a hot drink.

Optique Opticians

Ahmad and Lobat can’t emphasise enough the importance of routine eye checks. Eyes usually don’t hurt when something’s wrong, so an eye test is able to pick up any issues that otherwise may go unnoticed. Just like MOT tests or trips to the dentist, be sure to check in with an optician around once every two years.

Optique Opticians

Even with the gloomy Great British weather, our eyes are exposed to harmful UV rays whether it’s sunny or not. The clear lenses Optique stocks all have built-in UV protection – and they’re manufactured by Zeiss, who also kits out the Hubble Telescope!

Optique Opticians

As well as cutting edge lenses, Ahmad and Lobat stock a wide range of spectacle frames, regularly visiting exhibitions on the lookout for more gorgeous additions to their collection. All the big brands are on offer, as well as some more unique styles to switch up your look with – Optique wants all their customers to feel amazing in their glasses.

Optique Opticians

For contact lens wearers, Optique Opticians provides a fantastic aftercare plan including delivery to your door and checkups, all covered by the price of the contacts – and Optique treats customers who make a standing order to a £50 gift voucher, too!

As a mother herself, Lobat knows how important it is to ensure that children as young as two or three get their eyes tested regularly, so the team makes sure that appointments are a bit of fun for even the littlest of customers.

Optique Opticians

           Lobat Sheikholeslami

We only get one pair of eyes, so taking good care of them is key. As well as regular sight tests and UV protection, Ahmad and Lobat advise eating foods containing vitamin A, such as carrots, which help maintain good vision – so when our parents told us carrots would help us see in the dark, they weren’t too far off the mark!

Optique Opticians

The customer experience at Optique Opticians would score a definite 20/20 from us. As well as exceptional care, being a local business means that the Optique team goes out of its way to make customers feel more like friends.

Whether you’re looking for a new set of frames, are due a checkup or would just like to pop in for a coffee and a chat about vision, Optique Opticians are very happy to welcome you. Get in touch or find out more using the links below:

Optique Opticians Bramhall

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