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11 Dec 2017

Pownall Green Primary School on Bramhall Lane South is an integral part of Bramhall’s community: educating the village’s youngest residents since 1877, the school is regularly commended for both its academic achievements and extracurricular opportunities, helping children discover and fulfil their potential across a broad range of subjects and skills.

Headteacher Julie Kersh joined the school back in 2013 and has built on Pownall Green’s strong standing with new facilities and provisions, designed to encourage youngsters to become lifelong learners while meeting the requirements of the updated national curriculum. Pownall Green Primary School is a happy environment in which children learn and grow, discovering their individual talents and building skills for life.

Pownall Green School

In the spirit of lifelong learning, the staff at Pownall Green are also given the opportunity to invest in themselves; the school supports continuing professional development through courses and training and working as part of the Bramhall cluster of schools. In turn, this genuine appreciation and recognition helps motivate and encourage staff and is undoubtedly linked to the school’s exceptional performance across the board.

Pownall Green School

Teachers work closely with an indispensable PTA, chaired by Sophie Kreitzman, who herself has two children at Pownall Green. Members of the PTA support the school in a number of ways, such as through the organisation of events like the recent fashion show and annual Christmas fair to raise all-important funding.

The PTA also promotes the social side of school life, welcoming parents who are new to the area or perhaps looking to make connections within the school community. Regular fixtures like the Ladies’ Nights and recently launched Craft Beer Evenings at the Mounting Stone in the village have been introduced to give parents the opportunity to socialise together and ensure the school is responsive to families.

Pownall Green School

Pownall Green fosters community spirit through education; the recently refurbished library is stocked with books children themselves have chosen from a local bookshop, while pupils regularly get involved with activities and events at the local church. A direct product of this cooperation is the creation of a Gardening Club, which sees older members of the local parish get together with youngsters on a regular basis, bridging generational divides and building skills in each other’s company.

Pownall Green School

The Gardening Club is just one of the many extracurricular activities on offer at Pownall Green, which aims to give students the broadest possible opportunity to discover where their interests lie. Children can take part in a range of sporting activities, such as football, athletics and cheerleading, alongside cookery classes, Forest School, Chess Club, computer programming, Spanish classes and more.

Pownall Green

Music is one of the school’s key strengths and children have the chance to develop their skills through singing in the choir or playing an instrument in the orchestra. Music lessons are also delivered regularly in small groups or on a one-to-one basis, and students are given the choice of learning to play a wide range of instruments, including the saxophone, guitar and violin.

As part of its commitment to progress, the school is currently building a dedicated space for its before and after school club from which to deliver its many services, which is expected to reach completion around the end of January. The I Love Bramhall team looks forward to the grand unveiling!

In the meantime, find out more about Pownall Green Primary School:

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