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5 Jan 2017

Tucked away in the heart of Bramhall, opposite Bramhall Methodist Church on Lumb Lane, is a financial planning service offering financial advice run by local Bramhall man Roger Prydderch; Prydderch Financial Planning

Rogers business is called Prydderch Financial Planning and provides financial advice. The business is small by design and is made up of himself and Mandy Carter, who has been working with him for nearly 7 years. Prydderch Financial Planning has been in Bramhall for about 3 years but Roger has been in the industry for 20 years meaning he has a wealth of experience to offer.

Prydderch Financial Planning

Born and raised in Bramhall, Roger went to Neville Road Primary School and then Bramhall High School, before eventually settling in the Village with his family.

“What I’m doing is flying the local flag”

Roger started in the industry working for an Insurance Company in Manchester – there he learnt his trade from the bottom, opening post and filing, before moving on to a small company of 3 employees which over time grew to around 130 employees – it was during this time that Roger gained his qualifications and made the move from admin to advice.  It became apparent to Roger that he preferred working in a smaller environment where his efforts would be appreciated the most and he could focus on a more personal side to business.  He explains there’s less pressure, fewer overheads and greater flexibility which lends itself to delivering a very hands-on unpressurised service to people and indeed businesses.

Prydderch Financial Planning

“I’ve got a strong, family orientated local mentality where we look after people and rely upon others for their services”

You’re likely to see Roger here there and everywhere as he really enjoys to give back to the Bramhall community that has treated him so well.  One of the ways he does this is by chairing the Bramhall Together Trust.  They organise the Bramhall Festival, Bramhall’s Got Talent and Light Up Bramhall.  

Prydderch Financial Planning

Roger at Bramhall Festival with MP Mary Robinson and Pastor Jonathan Dawson

 In the past he has also supported and continues to support local events such as The Rotary’s Duck Race and Scarecrow Festival and I Love Bramhall’s Tea Party.  In addition he attends a lot of Moxie Mingles to share his expertise in friendly networking circles and meet new people.  Roger also socialises in Bramhall so no doubt you’ll see him in the pubs and bars of Bramhall with Bubble Room, Mercato, Piccolino and The Vic being among his favourites.

A lot of Roger’s business is within the Bramhall community but he does cover the whole country.  Clients as far as London, Kent, Stafford and Kidderminster use Roger’s expertise for their financial planning.  His business covers the broad range of financial planning but a niche area where real value can be added would be if somebody owns a small to medium sized business yet requires something personal, be it healthcare, pension planning or life assurance / other protection, as he can look at the requirement with his corporate AND personal hat on and deliver what they need in the most tax efficient way; maybe even get the business to fund it.

“Small business owners are where I can add a lot of value”

Prydderch Financial Planning

Roger supporting the annual Bramhall and Woodford Rotary Duck Race with Stuart from Dzinr

Because of the love of supporting local businesses, Roger uses the likes of Bevan & Co as his Accountant, Prestige Logic for his IT solutions, Dzinr for his website and branding and of course I Love Bramhall for advertising his services!  The list of suppliers, other services and local contacts goes on and on…

So if you need some expert financial planning for you or your business then Roger is the man in Bramhall for you.  He’s flying the local flag and practices what he preaches with it too!  That’s why we LOVE Prydderch Financial Planning!

Prydderch Financial Planning

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