I LOVE The Railway Nursery

3 Nov 2016

Tucked away next to Bramhall Train Station is a gorgeous little nursery owned by Paul and Ceri – unsurprisingly called The Railway Nursery!

Owners Paul and Ceri moved to Bramhall seven years ago after moving from Chorlton and originally both growing up in Liverpool. The suburban lifestyle was what attracted them to Bramhall and they immediately fell in love with Bramhall’s relaxed and friendly vibe.

The railway nursery

They live locally, which is especially good working where they do, as it’s only a couple of minutes’ walk! Walking to work every day is something a lot of us can only dream of!
Piccolino, Mercato, Juniper and Pesto were all mentioned when asked where their favourite place to socialise were – a common set of answers with all those who know these social places. The Mounting Stone is Paul’s favourite pub due to the real ales, bitters and unusual names for beer! He also enjoys supporting more independently run places, meaning that The Mounting Stone is perfect for him! It’s actually the place where the nursery parents often meet for social events.

These parent social nights are something that The Railway Nursery host regularly as it’s a great way of bonding and meeting new friends. It can be tricky to organise a full night out with both mums and dads present due to the need to organise evening childcare so there are regular ‘Dads nights’ and ‘Mums nights’ and then occasional nights for both parents to attend together. Having the separate Mums and Dads nights came from a parent suggestion too and it has worked really well.

Paul and Ceri’s youngest child is one of the 36 children attending The Railway Nursery. Because of this, when setting up the nursery they had the mantra of ‘Our nursery needs to be good enough for all children, including our little one’ and this is portrayed fantastically with the work they do.

The reason the pair decided to open a nursery themselves was because they struggled to find a local nursery with availability for their eldest child when Ceri returned to work as a Primary school teacher. Both Paul and Ceri have a background in education, both have a PGCE qualification and Ceri has many years experience working as a Primary school teacher. The property became available and Ceri quickly realised, with its fabulous location and spacious garden, it would make an excellent nursery.

After about a year of planning and finishing touches, the nursery finally opened in February 2015 and has been a huge success. Up to 22 children can attend on any one day, aged from 3 months all the way up to school age.

The railway nursery

One of the owners is always at the nursery whether it be Paul or Ceri and they’re extremely family orientated. All of the staff know all of the children and it has a relaxed, homely feel.

The nursery itself has a lovely outdoor space with lots of play equipment as well as a sensory room and a separate sleep room. The Railway Nursery follows the Early Years Statutory Framework across the seven areas of learning, giving children the perfect foundation to start school when the time comes.

A recent Ofsted report resulted in their ‘Outstanding across all areas’ accreditation, which is exactly that – outstanding! Well done to all involved in this amazing achievement with Paul and Ceri! As is the story with all nurseries – you need to start looking for where you want your child to stay VERY early, even up to a year in advance! The Railway Nursery will definitely be worth the wait, as shown by this ‘outstanding’ accreditation! Paul and Ceri LOVE living in Bramhall, children LOVE their adventures at the nursery and we certainly LOVE The Railway Nursery!

The railway nursery

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