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28 Mar 2018

When it comes to keeping the kids entertained, nothing compares to a fun, imaginative activity that promotes confidence and creativity. Rattle & Roll Performance offers just that with its variety of school clubs, preschool sessions and soon-to-be-launched Saturday School, developed for children aged from 2 to 11.

I Love Bramhall met up with Manchester Team Manager and musical theatre expert Chloe Senior to learn more about what Rattle & Roll Performance has to offer and how the venture is different from the many performing arts schools across Stockport.

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                                Chloe Senior

Established in Nottingham more than ten years ago and branching out locally within the last six months, Rattle & Roll Performance provides school clubs for primary-aged children with an interest in drama, music, dance and sport.

Running lunchtime and after-school sessions, Rattle & Roll Performance works with schools and parents to deliver fun, active classes that are designed to foster creativity and learning in a no-pressure environment. The business also operates preschool dance classes, delivered at the Brookdale Club on Tuesdays and on Fridays over at Lindow Lawn Tennis Club in Wilmslow, as well as holiday clubs and inset days to keep children entertained when school’s out.

Rattle and Roll

Chloe, who moved up to the area a year ago, is working to build the business in Bramhall and within the surrounding areas. Taking classes at local schools as well as overseeing the growth of the Rattle & Roll Performance in the North, Chloe supports business owners Nicky and Katy – both Mums themselves.

Catering for more than 3,000 youngsters in Nottingham and a growing number of children in and around Bramhall, Rattle & Roll Performance sets itself apart by offering a child-led service delivered by experts. Having a strong, able team is key to the success of the business; all members of staff, including the company directors, are specialists in their field or qualified teachers, bringing passion to their roles and inspiring their young charges.

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Fully insured and DBS checked, Rattle & Roll Performance delivers age-appropriate sessions in which children have the opportunity to explore their creativity, develop in confidence and build soft skills like concentration, focus, preparation and teamwork, which aren’t necessarily taught in school. From learning to play the recorder to developing a unique dance routine, children gain a sense of accomplishment as they progress and thrive in the non-competitive environment.

Rattle & Roll Performance has also recently added yoga and mindfulness sessions to its remit in light of a recent government paper that revealed one in ten children suffers with mental health problems. During classes, youngsters are taught how to relax through breathing and other techniques.

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Poor mental health isn’t confined to the younger population alone, however, and Rattle & Roll Performance also provides mindfulness and yoga sessions developed especially for school staff. In the near future, the service will be rolled out for businesses, too.

The afterschool clubs and lunchtime sessions are paid for by parents and delivered at school, while the yoga, mindfulness and PE classes are usually funded by an individual school as part of their budget – as are curriculum dance classes. The Saturday School, meanwhile, will be a version of Rattle & Roll Performance’s popular theatre arts club On The Stage when it launches in the next few weeks and they are offering *20% off the first half term of fees for their Saturday School* if booked before the end of March.


They are at Moss Hey Primary School running Easter Holiday Clubs which are £30 per day for children ages 3-11 years old. There’s more information on our events page

  • Wednesday 4th April | 8.30am  – 4pm 
  • Tuesday 10th April | 8.30am – 4pm


Classes will be held at The Barlow RC School in Didsbury and children will be separated by age into two groups, focusing for the first term on music, dance and acting inspired by blockbuster film The Greatest Showman. Rattle & Roll Performance takes care to ensure classes are always relevant and reflect the children’s interests, with recent classes developed around Harry Potter and Trolls as central themes across the different age groups respectively.

Chloe-Rattle and Roll

Be sure to look out for Rattle & Roll Performance at the upcoming Bramhall Duck Race and other local events; in the meantime, if you want to learn more about how Rattle & Roll Performance could support your child’s creativity and confidence, get in touch using the information below. 

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