I LOVE Sandwich Heaven

28 Jul 2016

Lying on the outskirts of Bramhall village is a quaint little sandwich shop….Sandwich Heaven.

It has its own parking. It has 18 excellent members of staff. It has food suitable for gods. It is of course, the appropriately named, Sandwich Heaven. The once-petrol station, once-bric-a-brac shop, once florist found a new owner five years ago and it’s never looked back since then. We spoke to Ian Ratcliffe about his journey of how he came into this business…

Sandwich Heaven - Ian Ratcliffe

Ian has been involved in catering one way or another for most of his working career as well as venturing down other paths along the way. He’s had spells as being a health care assistant, owning a Blackpool hotel, and perhaps the most adventurous of them all, a pub in Bermuda! Six and a half years out there as the General Manager of the British pub ‘The Frog and Onion’ was the final stop of the road before returning home and eventually buying Sandwich Heaven.

Sandwich Heaven - Ian Ratcliffe

“The customer is always right” was said on a number of occasions by Ian and that ethos came across really strongly when speaking to him. He’s passionate about what he does, he has friendly relationships with all of his customers and he ensures that every single customer leaves his shop happy! Such consideration for the customer is arguably a dying art, but definitely not here. All of the staff, whether they be aged 17 or in their 50s, have the same mentality of Ian and that’s what brings so many customers back for their lunch every single day. It’s nice when you walk in and the staff call you by your name isn’t it – you feel special, you feel wanted. If that’s what you’re after with your lunch, then Sandwich Heaven is definitely the place for you.

sandwich heaven

The proof is in the pudding with this one. Five years ago, it was a sandwich shop with 3 staff members. Today there are 18 staff members that work over two shops, having more recently opened another shop in Hazel Grove.

Why else has the success been so strong? Surely it can’t just be grade A customer service? Well you’re right – it’s down to another thing too. The quality of the food is admirable. ALL of Ian’s ingredients come from local sources where possible, including eggs from the farm down the road and meat from the butchers Porters nextdoor. Sandwich Heaven don’t claim to be the cheapest of sandwich shops, but the quality of their food really is unquestionable and in this day and age, you get what you pay for. Everything is made fresh by hand and you’ll be able to tell that when you take your first bite.

“You can’t keep taking from the community without giving something back.”

This is a direct quote from Ian and something he firmly believes in, sponsoring the local football team, Queensgate U14’s with their kit, supporting Wendy at iLoveBramhall at various events such as Paws in the Park and the Big Bramhall Tea Party, and making donations to schools and other organisations in the area… the list goes on! Ian’s charitable giving goes even further to his home life where he recently rescued 2 dogs Max and Poppy from the Denton Dogs Trust. Ian and his partner George (and soon to be husband!) enjoy longs walks in the area including Happy Valley.

Max and Poppy

Ian says he will be there for many years to come and doesn’t see any reason why in the near future they can open a third shop – we’re massive supporters of that move! The more the merrier! Next time you’re close by, try out one of the signature bang bang chicken paninis or the new ‘hail ceaser’ one – you definitely won’t be disappointed. If you’re a corporate business and need a new idea for lunch, this is the place for you too, they deliver right to your door!

There’s a saying in the trade where the sign of a good sandwich shop is when there’s a queue of builders outside the shop, as they’re the fussiest. Builders love Sandwich Heaven, and I LOVE Sandwich Heaven too.

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