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29 Jan 2019

Having a hard time sticking to your new year’s resolutions? One lady in the village is dedicated to helping residents of Bramhall and beyond to lose weight, keep it off, and enjoy themselves in the process. I Love Bramhall met up with 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan consultant Sara Butler to find out more.

The 1:1 diet by Cambridge Weight Plan isn’t a new thing – it’s been around for over 30 years and has helped thousands of people reach their ideal body weight. Consultants like Sara are your key port of call for advice and motivation throughout the entire process.

Cambridge Weight Plan with Sara Butler

Conveniently situated on Maple Road, Sara works partly from her home office just a short walk from the amenities of Bramhall Village and in close proximity to public parking and the train station. In addition to offering daytime appointments, she’s available a couple of evenings a week as well as Saturday mornings, making it easy to fit the Cambridge diet around your everyday life.

When she’s not at work, Sara enjoys taking a wander into the village to enjoy its hustle and bustle. She loves how friendly the village community is, and the fact that all the shops, cafes and bars you could possibly desire are right on the doorstep.

Cambridge Weight Plan with Sara Butler

Helping people to lose weight for 14 years with both LighterLife and now The 1:1 Diet, Sara has seen her fair share of success stories. Whether clients are looking to shed one stone or 15, they all have one thing in common – the feeling of confidence and health that comes with losing the weight.

Rather than offering a quick fix, Sara’s main aim is to help clients reach and stay at their ‘happy weight’ – a weight at which they feel healthy and content, while still being sustainable and easy to maintain. For that to happen, she recognises that long term habits need to be tweaked, so Sara offers catch-up sessions after the goal has been attained, free of charge for as long as necessary.

Cambridge Weight Plan with Sara Butler

Each person’s objectives are set out in an initial consultation, in which Sara and her client discuss lifestyle and health factors that help to determine which ‘step’ of the 1:1 Diet is best for them. Tailoring clients’ weight plans means that the best results can be delivered every time, for each individual client.

The 1:1 Diet uses meal replacements such as soups, pasta and rice dishes, meal bars, smoothies and milkshakes, which are nutritionally balanced but leave out many of the carbs or calories you’d find in typical high-street alternatives. On the majority of the 1:1 Diet’s Steps, these are eaten alongside regular food. The plan has been shown to reduce weight quickly but safely and even reverse symptoms of type two diabetes.

Cambridge Weight Plan with Sara Butler

As well as guiding clients on the weight plan, Sara uses CBT – cognitive behavioural therapy – to help to rewire the negative trains of thought that cause people to feel unable to lose weight or to keep it off. Sara equips her clients with a positive, goal-oriented and long-term approach to losing weight.

The advice Sara would give to anybody considering starting a diet like The 1:1 Diet is just to give it a go, so why not try it out for four weeks and see if it works for you? You’ll likely be a stone lighter, more energised and proud of the accomplishment – what have you got to lose but weight?!

Cambridge Weight Plan with Sara Butler

**SPECIAL OFFER: For anyone who wants to give The 1:1 Diet a try, quote I Love Bramhall when you speak to Sara and you will receive this unique Starter Kit worth £30.50!**

To find out how Sara and the 1:1 Diet could help you to reach your very own ‘happy weight’ and stay there, get in touch using the links below:

Cambridge Weight Plan with Sara Butler

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