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8 Nov 2016

Meeting at The Vic is always a pleasurable experience, whatever time of day, and this one was no different even though it was midday! We met Ian Moran of Solfix to find out a bit more about his business and more about himself. The staff at The Vic served us a soft drink and the stage was set.

Ian started Solfix around 7/8 years ago and moved to Bramhall 3 years ago to the amazing Village Square. The head office and distribution centre is in Macclesfield and work is based in and around these areas such as Bramhall, Poynton and Congleton.


“Basically, we offer all services to home improvements. We do things slightly differently to traditional home improvement companies which tend to have a bad reputation for things like pressure sales and being less prepared to take on the smaller jobs.”

Solfix, like so many Bramhall businesses, is a family orientated. Ian’s right hand man has worked with him for over twenty years and his brother looks after the sales. This brings a more friendly, personal and relatable characteristic to Solfix which is why so many people use their services – it’s people talking to people rather than people talking to a large corporate business. In total, there are about 20 people that Solfix employ across the branches and all of them have adopted Ian’s mentality of being friendly and not aggressively pushing for sales. A refreshing change you may say for this industry.


Opening in Bramhall was an idea Ian had to give the business more of a presence in the area rather than people trekking to Macclesfield if they wanted to see products and it has certainly paid off. In the Bramhall branch is an office, a shop and a mini-showroom full of products for people to see, as well as a key cutting service. If you’re passing by the Village Square then have a look in and find out more about what Solfix do – they’re directly opposite Pound Stretcher.


Ian’s a Bramhall boy through and through, went to Bramhall High School and has lived in Bramhall most of his life. He’s friends with Judith and Ryland who own the recently re-branded Yardbird and enjoys shopping in the village. Years ago, on a family holiday in Egypt, he bumped into his good friend Chris (who used to own Beluga) and his family and also ended up bumping into Angela Beer’s daughter, Camilla who was with her family. So three families all went to the exact same place in Egypt and ended up spending the rest of the holiday together, becoming even closer friends! The wonders of business in Bramhall, eh!


The main product lines are windows and doors, conservatories, facias and soffits, repairs of course and more recently one of the biggest services they provide is the conservatory roof conversion. This is where they take off an existing glass/polycarbonate roof and replace it with a solid tiled lightweight roof. Do you have a conservatory that is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter? If you, like so many people, are answering yes to those questions, it’s time to change and speak to Solfix! Ian and his team will quote you for the frames, tell you if your frames are good enough or not (if they’re not, of course they won’t put the new roof on as it’s unsafe) and gives you a whole new guarantee. Once the new ‘warm roof’ is on, you’ll have heat in the winter and better security to your conservatory. In their Maccelsfield branch, Solfix have a full sized conservatory on display with a ‘warm roof’ on it, so feel free to go and see it for yourself!

Just over a year ago, Solfix purchased 100% of East Cheshire Glass and has taken on their customer base and jobs, giving it the same level of service as Solfix has engrained into it’s soul – service the highest level and the friendliest of people. It’s for those reasons that we LOVE Solfix!

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