I LOVE Station Road Optician – the COOL Optician for Bramhall and Cheadle Hulme

5 Mar 2021

Station Road Optician is the younger sibling of Wilmslow’s award-winning Albert Road Optician. No longer the new kids on the Cheadle Hulme and Bramhall block, but definitely the cool kids.

The cool, speccy kids, no less. It’s now THREE whole years since they first opened their doors in these parts. The new practice came about due to demand from Albert Road’s Cheadle Hulme and Bramhall clients.

Station Road Optician, like Albert Road Optician, aim to be a class apart from the other local opticians. The Station Road Optician window says it all, really – it’s our own ever-changing and always-cheery art installation, and epitomises what they want to do: save the world from mediocre glasses! They’re certainly saving Cheadle Hulme, Bramhall and beyond.

2020 Vision

2020 has been a tough year for most local businesses, and that’s true for Station Road Opticians, too, though through this latest lockdown, opticians have remained open. Dedicated to Covid-security and compliance as much as caring for the eyes of Bramhall and Cheadle Hulme, owner (and stylish specs wearer extraordinaire) Deepak Oberai told us these challenges have enabled Station Road Optician to grow and adapt and get even better.

Station Road Optician has never been the same as other opticians, so working one-to-one with clients on an appointment-only basis is nothing new.  This is, Deepak says,

“THE best way to give clients their ‘eureka’ moment”.

That’s the moment they look in the mirror to see THE perfect eyewear, and so look AND feel amazing – as well as see better! And, as Deepak points out,

“we are ALWAYS here for our clients to advise, or answer questions by phone or email, too”.

Many of us are spending more time than ever on screens. Many people think their vision has deteriorated and complain of eyestrain, eye problems, headaches, tired eyes, burning eyes and blurred vision. Deepak calls it the ‘Zoom Phenomenon’. There’s been a lot of research about these problems – and a new digital-focussed lens has effectively helped lots of clients.

Signature Service; Superb Style

At Station Road optician, service and style go hand-in-hand with safety. Clients appreciate the genuinely personal service, and enjoy the easy, relaxed experience. They love the luxury of plenty of time to talk about their eyecare and eyewear needs. More than ever, everyone at Station Road Optician is dedicated to that signature 1:1 service approach going forward.

Station Road Opticians still enjoyed some good times in 2020, including being short-listed for two Optician Awards in 2020 – Fashion Practice of the year and Social Media practice of the year. Deepak says,

“Being recognised as a leading UK optician when it comes to independent, design-led (and very cool!) eyewear was such a high point. And it has also given us a strong impetus to continue improving our online connection and engagement with clients as well as the Cheadle Hulme, Bramhall and wider community.”

Looking Good AND Looking After Eyesight

The glasses are chic, the atmosphere laid back and the practice delightfully quirky, but the opticians are at the very top of their game. Don’t ever imagine Station Road Opticians deliver style over substance. Far from it. Yes, Deepak says, ‘glasses are an accessory, the equivalent of jewellery for your face’. We’re all happy to splash the cash on jewellery, makeup, hair accessories – but glasses literally frame the face so it’s vital to get them perfect. Station Road Opticians are only happy when you are.

Station Road Opticians are specialists in the coolest of eyewear. Crucially, they are also expertly health and service focussed. Sight tests with other opticians usually take under half-an-hour. With Station Road Optician, it’s closer to 45 minutes of undivided, one-to-one attention. Clients frequently cite the ‘quality and thoroughness’ of the eye tests at Station Road Optician.

The Station Road Optician team really get to know their clients -with quality over quantity. They’ll see perhaps 8-10 people per day, not the 30+ that some of the high street names see. They really are experts in their field, and training is first-rate and ongoing – for everyone, from the top down.

The equipment here at Station Road optician is the best it can be hospital-grade – eye tests and visual health issues can flag many serious conditions and potential problems long before other symptoms show.

An eye test could detect an aneurysm, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even some cancers. A thorough eye test, with the right technology, could literally save your life – not just your eyesight.

Spec-tacular as Standard

Don’t underestimate the magic of finally getting GOOD glasses. Those Eureka and Hallelujah moments are an everyday occurrence at Station Road Optician – clients are often moved to tears. Glasses used to be merely about form and function – and, for children especially, often an excuse for teasing. Not any more, and NOT at Station Road Optician. The right glasses don’t just help you see. They can help you see yourself differently.

Helping clients change how they look and feel, simply by finding them the right pair of specs, is standard at Station Road Opticians. Many people struggle to get glasses that suit. Ordinary opticians leave them to their own devices to choose frames but that’s not the Station Road Optician way.

THEIR Reputation on YOUR Face

Station Road Optician’s ‘reputation walks around on your face’ and so they do their upmost to get everything right, whatever it takes. Station Road Opticians saving the world from more than mediocre glasses. They’re saving Bramhall, Cheadle Hulme and beyond from rushed eye tests, sub-standard service and poor eye health. NEVER settle for mediocrity.


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