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18 Oct 2016

Tucked away on the corner of Dairyground Road is Bramhall in the stunning Sunrise Senior Living. On first glance, I thought it was a five-star hotel, and after being shown round, I couldn’t believe it wasn’t!

It is a care home like no other and is full of incredible activities for the residents to partake in – six a day in fact!


I Love Bramhall caught up with Dawn and Lina,  directors of community relations, to find out more about their Bramhall lives and the company they work for. First up was Lina, who is Lithuanian but born in Russia. She moved to England 8 years ago and joined Sunrise in February 2016. She lives (very conveniently) round the corner from Sunrise and does a lot of socialising in Bramhall due to her husband’s background of living in the Bramhall/Poynton area. Mercato, Turquoise and Juniper are Lina’s favourite places in the village and we all can agree why!

Dawn grew up locally in Heald Green, went to The Kingsway School and now lives in Alderley Edge. Before working for Sunrise Senior Living, Dawn worked at the Emerson Group, a private construction company as Sales & Marketing Manager for the Jones Homes Portugal Division. Three years ago, she started working at Sunrise and hasn’t looked back once! Her favourite place in Bramhall is Angela Beer, the dress shop. She’s been going to that shop for years with her mother and absolutely loves it. She also gets her hair cut at Ryan Jake’s.

Sunrise Bramhall

Sunrise is an American company which has 300 homes across the US and 27 in the UK. The closest to us is of course Bramhall, but not to far away are Hale Barns and Mobberley before moving further south. Each one has the same feel to it and the same layout – the grand staircase, the concierge at the door and the excellent service the residents get.

“We can cater for anybody’s needs.”

There is residential care, nursing care and dementia care, so it fits the bill for all kinds of care, as Dawn says, and has done for the 30 years the company has been in business. More locally, the Bramhall branch opened 8 years ago (21st October 2008), so happy birthday Sunrise Bramhall!

Beforehand, the area in which the home is based has been a hotel and even a club. In some cases, people have wanted to live in Sunrise as it’s where they got married/went on a first date when it was a hotel! How cute is that!? The home currently has about 80 residents and there is still space for some more – so please do go and have a look round if you have a loved one who is in need of a care home, you will not be disappointed, I can guarantee you that, especially when other care homes have caught up to Sunrise in terms of pricing so there’s not much difference – you may be pleasantly surprised!

Bramhall Sunrise

When people visit Sunrise, they will have a look round with family, be shown the rooms, shown the suites, then shown available rooms before the price quotes and finally an assessment of the resident. The turnaround time is often incredibly quick, such as a couple of weeks ago when it was just one day! Talk about efficient!

For fantastic people looking after your loved ones in a fantastic home (with fantastic facilities!), look no further than Sunrise Senior Living in Bramhall. Feel free to pop in and have a look around – you won’t be disappointed!

Sunrise Bramhall

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