I LOVE Ten Years of Local Estate Agent Mosley Jarman

29 Jun 2021

Our local estate agent, Mosley Jarman, is celebrating TEN years. That’s right, this week, it’s ten years since Nick Mosely set up shop right here on Moss Lane, in the very heart of the village.

Much has changed in that time – but not Nick’s vision, ethos and commitment to raising the bar in estate agency.

Nick Mosley and Ian Jarman, Directors

Mosley Jarman; Once the New Local Estate Agent

Looking back on Mosley Jarman’s first day, Nick says “Nobody knew we were there. There were no enquiries; no calls. There were definitely a few ‘oh, what have I DONE?’ moments that day”. Now, fast forward ten years – and, as Nick says, it really HAS flown – it’s as though Mosley Jarman has always been here. A Bramhall fixture-and-fitting.

The office is buzzing; the phone never stops. There are regular clients and frequent, heartfelt recommendations and referrals. Biased though we are at I Love Bramhall, even the best marketing in the world is no substitute for the glowing testimonials of happy clients. That, in a nutshell, is the secret of Mosley Jarman‘s ongoing success. Absolute, honest-to-goodness, customer service.

Local Estate Agent; Local People

Those values didn’t just ensure the success of Nick’s Bramhall venture. Just a few years later, Nick opened Mosley Jarman’s second branch, just down the road in Wilmslow. Same service, same principles, same expertise – the only difference is the postcode.

Mosley Jarman is a genuinely independent business run by genuinely local people with genuine credentials and experience. A busy family man with two thriving estate agency branches, Nick himself is a past pupil of Bramhall High School and loved growing up in Bramhall. He has, he says, fond memories of Bramhall Park, the village and the valley. Most of his team lives locally, too.

Raising the Bar in Estate Agency

As business booms, Nick knows his team are safe hands. He’s completely and utterly confident in this, which means that you can be too. Mosley Jarman aims to deliver exceptional service, every time. Nick, as we said earlier, is determined to raise the bar in estate agency.

So far, so good. Over 900 five-star reviews on ‘the TripAdvisor of property’,  AllAgents.co.uk, would suggest Nick’s team are well on the way to ‘mission accomplished’. And, in the Best Estate Agent Guide 2021, Mosley Jarman received ‘Exceptional’ & ‘Excellent’ awards. The Wilmslow office made the top 5% of estate agent branches in the country, and the Bramhall office, top 10%. No other local estate agent has equalled this recognition.

Neil, Lauren and Mark, Bramhall and Wilmslow offices

Early Days

Back in those early days of 2011, there were twice as many estate agencies in the village as there are today; probably a similar story to every village, everywhere. Over the past decade, the more corporate agencies, the ‘big boys’,  are the ones which – perhaps surprisingly – have closed their doors. It’s the small, independent businesses that flourished. Possibly in part down to the internet providing a level playing field, but mainly this is due to the genuinely local credentials of the local indies.

Local estate agents know the area, they know their market, they get to know you. And, crucially, unlike the big, nationwide firms, every single sale matters to them. That means every single CLIENT matters, too.

Wise Local Estate Agents Do MORE

Whilst in many ways, the internet has been a game-changer, wise estate agents like Nick know it’s not enough. After all, there was a sudden surge in internet-only agents, which quickly dissipated – despite their mountainous marketing budgets and irksome tv ad campaigns.

There is no substitute for local knowledge and good, old-fashioned five-star service, and with our genuinely local estate agent Mosley Jarman, you get that in spades. Nowadays, service is everything. Service is the difference between a business succeeding or failing. Take Rightmove, for example, and other similar online marketing portals. They have replaced the local rag as the way to browse property, BUT, with such a proactive and client-focused agent as Mosley Jarman, a property can often sell before it even gets there. That’s what the five-star service and first-class reputation can do.

Mosley Jarman LOVES Bramhall

Last year could’ve killed off lesser businesses. In some spheres, sadly, it did. However, as Nick points out, estate agency has flourished since the end of the first lockdown. The market in Bramhall and nearby equally sought-after addresses is booming. Bramhall as a village is really rather special. Close to all local transport links, just 20 minutes or so from Manchester, yet within walking distance of lush, open countryside. Add the brilliant businesses and super local schools to the equation, and it’s no wonder houses are in high demand. On the high street, too, it’s clear to see the enthusiasm and optimism for all things Bramhall. Despite the nightmare that was the pandemic, businesses are STILL looking to open in Bramhall.

Mosley Jarman is proud to be a Bramhall business and a business Bramhall can be proud of. Yes, they’re celebrating the enviable achievement of ten years in business – but they’re also looking forward to raising that bar for another ten years and beyond.

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