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5 Sep 2016

Spread across the Cheshire & Manchester area are six salons which are the largest privately owned hair salon group in the North West – Terence Paul.

The first one was in Didsbury and they’ve spread to the likes of Hale, Knutsford, Wilmslow, Manchester and of course Bramhall. I spoke to Megan and Stuart – one of three of the partners of the salon – and found out more about their history and plans.

Terence PaulTerence Paul Bramhall

The Bramhall salon has been open now for 29 years! Wow, that’s something to be proud of! In that time, they’ve built up a very loyal customer base which has helped grow their reputation at an astronomical rate. There’s some exciting news with the Bramhall salon too: they’re opening a new one! Over the years Terence Paul has outgrown the salon they’re currently in, so in the near future they’re moving to a larger space on Moss Lane. Don’t worry, all the same Team will be there and you’ll still get the exact same EXCELLENT customer service, it’ll just be in a new salon! Stuart and Megan were very excited about the prospect of even more growth.

‘We see Bramhall as a really important place to us’

…..was a line said by Stuart followed by how much they’re fond of the tight knitted community in the area. Tom Scott, the salon manager in Bramhall, has built up a marvellous rapport with his Clients over the years and grown in stature as a hairdresser in the process – not bad for someone who started his working life as a mechanic!

The MD, Terry, has a wife that works in the office, a son that is on the board of directors and a daughter who works for Flanagans (the brother barber company of Terence Paul, which has another four salons itself). Tom Scott’s wife, Philippa, is a trainer at the Stockport academy meaning that ‘family’ is a key word that Stuart kept on mentioning. Not only with the amount of staff that actually are related, but with the work ethic and relationship that everyone else has – they socialise together, they enjoy working together and they’re so close that there is a family feel to it.

Terence Paul

Terence Paul Apprenticeships

Terence Paul as a company also give a lot back to the community. They offer apprenticeships in their academies for girls and boys from the ages of 16 onwards – a fantastic opportunity to take in today’s employment market. As you would expect, this is something which is high in demand. I met Stuart and Megan in the Heald Green offices, where they also have a training salon, where their trainees were training and even more in the training room getting ready to start their academy journey.

How many of these people continue working for Terence Paul after their academy training finishes? You’ll be delighted to hear that at the moment it’s 83% of the Stylists are home-grown – a tremendous figure to boast and something which links back to the family ethic of the workforce. Starting with foundation customer care services, the apprentices work their way through the stages until they are a qualified and competent Terence Paul hair dresser.

Terence Paul Services

Rapture hair extensions are something exclusive to Terence Paul in the area and are the best quality extensions you can get, as worn by various celebrities who use the salon. Check out the Twitter and Facebook accounts for before and after pictures.

Not only can you expect a fantastic job on your hair when visiting Terence Paul, but you’ll really feel special with the level of customer care you get. There are several drinks on offer when you sit down – tea, coffee, hot chocolate or if you’re feeling more fruity, red and white wine or even Prosecco! A scheme around all of the salons focussing on customer care was recently undertaken, where the winners will enjoy two nights in Peurto Banús! Alright for some!

Terence Paul also have a very good presence on social media, which is Megan’s forte. Growth on all platforms month by month is a great sign, with an exceptional following on Instagram too. There is a YouTube channel which is in the making as we speak and should be up and running soon, showing things like news, hair tips, quick hair styles, etc.

Bramhall has been good to Terence Paul as a company, but also to Stuart, Megan and the rest of the Team there. Stuart enjoys Piccolino (as most do!) along with Amans, coincidentally a few doors down from where the new Bramhall salon is going to be. As a salon, they’re very fond of Bramhall, very thankful for the Clients that they have and are VERY excited at what the future holds with the new salon!


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