I LOVE The Fish Dock

19 Jul 2017
High on the wall above the cosy new dining booths at Bramhall’s local chippy The Fish Dock, hangs a brief history of Great Britain’s national dish. 

Described as the “original affordable and nutritious street food” it may surprise many people to know that Fish & Chips were first served together way back in 1860.  
Bramhall’s love affair with Fish & Chips has long been satisfied by the The Fish Dock’s family business, frying up their fresh and wholesome food for over 20 years.  They have owned the chippy on Fir Road for many years, and they also ran the shop on Moss Lane before selling it 3 years ago. We asked the Fish Dock family to tell us the secret of their long term success 
“Our motto is.. if you use the best quality, fresh ingredients cooked with love, then you can’t be beaten” 
Serving up Cod, Plaice and Haddock, all fished from North Atlantic waters and cooked to order for that light, melt in the mouth taste that has made the Fish Dock famous. If you don’t fancy fish, then they serve up a range of tasty pies and also burgers to cater for all tastes.  
Last year the former takeaway went through a full scale redesign and refurbishment to offer even more to its longstanding local customers. Many of ILoveBramhall.com‘s followers will of course remember that this local chippy was originally named The Ladybrook Fish Bar before the extensive refurbishment.
“We originally wanted to give the place a bit of a facelift. Then we decided that a restaurant layout would create a great place for family and friends to enjoy their food. And by the end we went the whole way and changed the name too”
Now with seating for 36 diners The Fish Dock’s is indeed a lovely place to spend time appreciating fine fish & chips. The walls also feature photographs of some of their regular customers which is a lovely touch, including local children cheerfully tucking into piping hot cones of chips. It’s the little touches like this that Bramhall businesses do so well and make them an important part of the local community.
 And if  you are anything like all of us at ILoveBramhall.com… if you smell fish and chips you simply have to eat them, and quickly!…then The Fish Dock team have some final words of advice. 
“Fish & chips are always best eaten straightaway, because leaving them wrapped in paper creates condensation and that’s what makes them go soggy. So whether you choose to eat them sat down in our restaurant, or stood out in street or even sat in your car, they always taste best when fresh from the fryer”
 We couldn’t agree more.
  • Phone : 0161 439 8300
  • Address : 12 Fir Road, SK7 2NP


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