I Love The Mill Youth Centre

8 Oct 2018

Situated above Costa Coffee in Bramhall Village, The Mill has been a key feature of our community since its establishment back in 2000. I Love Bramhall spoke to Chairman of the trustees Angela Rowley and youth workers Jake Woodward and Ian Watson to find out more about how The Mill enriches the lives of our young people.

Once a disused mill, the youth centre has been completely transformed over recent years into the bright and colourful multi-purpose space it is now. The history of the place has not been lost, though – the original winch is now on display at the Anson Engine Museum in Poynton!

The Mill


Aptly named in a nod to its heritage, The Mill was part of a millennium project set up by Churches Together in Bramhall and Woodford, with the objective of creating a safe, fulfilling and fun local hangout for 11 to 18-year-olds in the area. Since then, the organisation has been doing just that.

The Mill

A non-profit youth centre, The Mill relies on donations and sponsors in order to remain free for kids to visit and provide plenty of activities. Key to The Mill’s success is the generosity of the Bramhall community, which supports the organisation in a variety of ways, a prime recent example being a delicious fundraising meal at Amans Restaurant.

The Mill

When it comes to activities, there isn’t any shortage of things to do at The Mill. With computers for a bit of web browsing or – Heaven forbid – some homework, an electric drum kit for relieving some of that teen angst and a recording studio for the musically minded, there is something for everybody. The snack bar is always well stocked too, with all kinds of treats from Pop Tarts to pizza.

The youth workers bring their own talents to the mix, such as Ian’s musical ability and Jake’s carpentry and Jo’s sewing and cooking. Whether it’s woodworking, songwriting, video gaming, art or sewing, supplies and support are readily available at The Mill to build and nurture a wide variety of skills.

The Mill

Open after school from 3.30pm until 5pm and on Saturday 1pm to 3pm and from 7pm until 9pm, The Mill is the perfect spot to unwind and catch up with friends. The purpose-designed building welcomes around 85 young people a week, meaning it’s always buzzing yet not too crowded, allowing for one-to-one chats.

The Mill

The youth centre works closely with local schools and regularly runs a hot chocolate club at Bramhall High School, where students can sit and talk to the youth workers about school, life and anything else over a mug of hot chocolate.

The Mill is also open during the summer holidays, organising trips to the park, Pokemon Go-playing adventures in Manchester and even group dog walking. Activities are centred around what the young people enjoy doing, so all interests and talents are nurtured.

The Mill

A Christian ethos lies at the heart of what The Mill does, though kids and teens from all faith and non-faith backgrounds are welcome. The Mill has aimed to serve the community since day one, and has succeeded in doing so for almost two decades.

In-between youth club sessions, the space is used by local church youth groups and is also an ideal venue at which to hold meetings and birthday parties. If you’ve never visited The Mill before, it’s well worth a look around – keep an eye on social media for details of an upcoming open day, which will take place around Christmas time.

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