I LOVE The Mounting Stone

21 Jun 2017

If you’ve never been to The Mounting Stone, you’ve missed out. It opened about a year ago at the start of summer 2016.

It’s a gorgeous little pub located in the heart of Bramhall village which serves local beers across a range of tastes. Whether it be craft beers, real ale or local lager, they’re sure to have the one for you, so it’s definitely worth having a drink or two with them at the next available opportunity!

Mounting Stone

The reputation of The Mounting Stone is ever-growing, partly down to the fact that the people who work there are so friendly, but also down to their growing gin selection. Currently there are about a dozen gins to choose from, all of which are quite unique as well as holding the high quality we’ve come to know from the pub. The most popular and highest selling gins currently are the rhubarb flavoured and grapefruit flavoured gins – if that isn’t enough to wet your whistle we don’t know what is… Our very own Wendy, founder of ILoveBramhall.com is a big lover of the grapefruit flavour, so can vouch for that selection!

Mounting Stone

The 24th of June 2017 will mark the one year anniversary since the big opening, so will be celebrated in style. This of course falls in line with the Bramhall Festival which we’ll all be attending too – it could be a grapefruit flavoured gin soaked day in the sun!

After January’s award success for The Mounting Stone, they’re going for another one! It’s Manchester Beer Week Best Newcomer award so get behind them and get voting! There’s a link on their Facebook page, the I Love Bramhall website and one on the wifi that you connect to when you’re enjoying a lovely ale there. The votes need to be in before the end of June, so get to it and show your support!

Mounting Stone

You may think that it is extremely similar to the concept behind The Chiverton Tap in Cheadle Hulme. That’s because it is – they’re owned by the same people! Andrew (based at The Mounting Stone) has a catering background himself and the other co-owners are Mary and Bob, as well as Kate and Andy Banks they all shared the same vision of a local, independent pub with unique drinks. The Chiv opened May 2015 and the success that saw combined with the high demand for a Bramhall version of the pub nicely to create The Mounting Stone itself.

It’s quite surprising how many people don’t know why it’s called The Mounting Stone, so here’s a fun fact for you! If you come out of the pub and turn right towards Alexander’s Barber Shop, you’ll see an alley way on your right. At the start of that alley is a large rock, which was known as The Mounting Stone, which helped people mount their horses back in the olden days!

“The emphasis of our business is the quality of the drinks.”

We’re lucky in Bramhall to have so many choices for a drink. The Mounting Stone offers extremely competitive prices, five house beers and up to seven beers that can change as often as twice a week – you’ve got to give it a try!

Mounting Stone

The regulars will tell you themselves how great it is and we as a community are lucky to have it. Please get behind them and vote for them in their quest for another award!

Mounting Stone

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