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19 Feb 2018

The day-to-day running of a business can be something of a juggling act – especially when it comes to managing the finances. Whether you’re wading through VAT returns, running late with submissions or wondering what you can claim in expenses this year, bookkeepers Your Support Team are on hand to help.

Starting out in late 2015 as a home business in Cheadle Hulme, finance specialists Your Support Team grew rapidly, moving into an office in Bramhall almost two years ago. Swayed by the village’s appeal and convenient location (just a stone’s throw from home on the border with Cheadle Hulme), co-directors Hayley Ekgren and Claire Willmott decided Bramhall was the perfect base, offering wide-ranging amenities, a thriving business scene and a welcoming community atmosphere.

Your Support Team

I Love Bramhall met up with Claire and Hayley for a chat about business and how Your Support Team has progressed in the last few years; we discovered that there’s a whole lot more to bookkeeping than we first thought!

Your Support Team is essentially an entire outsourced finance department, which takes on most of the regular tasks of an in-house finance team but without the worry of overheads, management and processes. Dealing with a range of business needs and advising on issues like expenses, VAT and more, Claire and Hayley ensure all aspects of client finances are both manageable and actionable.

Your Support Team

Using accounting software Xero, Your Support Team sets businesses up on the system to make invoices and bills easier to view, linking up with the client’s bank account to track incomings and outgoings. The system also generates regular reports and helps clients identify the areas of their business that are performing well, as well as areas that aren’t, painting a clearer picture of each business’ finances.

Your Support Team manages the bookkeeping on behalf of clients and also trains businesses in managing their own day-to-day finances through dedicated workshops. Training sessions focus on using Xero and can be tailored for any kind of setup, from one-person companies to entire departments, depending on each business’ needs.

Your Support Team

Claire and Hayley welcome clients from across a variety of industries at all stages of the finance management spectrum. Many businesses come to Your Support Team months behind in submitting information and drowning in paperwork; Hayley and Claire are able to quickly deploy a rescue mission to turn the situation around and help business owners get on top of their finances, avoiding any penalties.

Your Support Team

Your Support Team works with a lot of local clients here in Bramhall but Hayley and Claire actually started out on their career pathways in the South West. Hailing from Dorset, both Claire and Hayley grew up in the same area not knowing each other until Claire married Hayley’s brother. Both families moved up to the Bramhall area and now live on the Hursthead estate – Hayley with her husband, two teenagers and dog, and Claire with her husband, three-year-old and baby on the way.

The pair proves daily that the old adage ‘never work with family’ doesn’t necessarily ring true; in the three years since its inception, the business has performed remarkably well, so well in fact that Your Support Team took on a member of staff, Tabitha, in 2017 – a year ahead of when they had originally envisioned. Another recruit will be covering Claire’s maternity leave from April.

Your Support Team

Over the coming months Your Support Team will be expanding its office space to deliver Xero workshops; if you’re interested in learning how to streamline your business finance management, get in touch with Claire and Hayley to express your interest and benefit from a FREE 30-minute Xero taster session when mentioning I Love Bramhall! Here are all the details you need:

Your Support Team

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