Integral Launches North West Cost Lawyers Firm

6 Jul 2021

Integral are excited to announce the launch of their new Costs business, which offers a very personalised service to its clients.

After detailed planning and preparation, Integral are available to work with their clients as an integrated part of the team.  They offer a personal approach to help improve business Costs position as a firm and on a case by case basis.

Who Are Integral?

Integral are a boutique legal firm based in South Manchester offering legal costs services to law firms across England and Wales. Their USP is that they aim to be a genuine and fundamental part of the company team and to be seen as a “most trusted advisor” of any firm. Integrity is everything in the law. Having a strong moral principle is important in the way that they serve their clients. This gave birth to their name- Integral. It is the very centre of everything that they are, and everything that they do.

“Integral Legal are an integral part of my team. Victoria and her team’s cost knowledge is unsurpassed.” GA, Partner, Rotheras Solicitors Key Members

Integral are proud to introduce their highly experienced founding directors.  Victoria Morrison-Hughes has an educational background in accountancy and finance with a professional background as a Costs Lawyer.

Victoria Morrison-Hughes, Director

Victoria’s main areas of expertise are providing costs management and negotiations in all civil matters including commercial litigation, clinical negligence, and solicitor client disputes.

Victoria comments “We strive to be different, offering the same emotional and professional investment for you, our clients that you have with your clients.”

Tom Walsh has an extensive 25 year history as a Cost lawyer, working as both an in-house and an independent Costs Lawyer. He has an extensive knowledge that he uses to advocate for clients. Tom is known for being direct in his advocacy, attending court on behalf of his clients for detailed assessments, appeals, applications and CCMC hearings.

Tom Walsh, Director

The Unique Nature of a Cost Lawyer

Costs Lawyers can help both on a case-by-case basis, and as an integrated part of your strategic team. The highly complex areas of Legal Costs can be simplified and de-risked by working with such specialist advisors:

  • Drafting fee arrangements and retainers between solicitors and their clients
  • Dealing with between the party costs recoveries.
  • Drafting bills and schedules of costs
  • Accurately drafting Cost Budgets (Precedent H), the negotiation of Budgets (Precedent R), and the application for variations (Precedent T) to maximise the between the parties cost recoveries.
  • Representing firms at CCMC
  • Advising in Solicitor/client disputes

Integral also offer Cost Training and Strategy sessions to provide guidance on specific case law decisions to better inform and up skill firm’s solicitors.  They make a genuine effort to understand their client’s objectives to become their most trusted advisors.

“Integral truly believe that if our clients thrive – we all do.”



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