James Pratt – Overcoming Dyspraxia

23 Feb 2014

Read how James Pratt, from Bramhall, has turned his future around from an initial bleak diagnosis to elite running in multiple charity events.

Dyspraxia – Developmental coordination disorder (DCD) also known as developmental dyspraxia and clumsy child syndrome  is a chronic neurological disorder beginning in childhood that can affect planning of movements and co-ordination as a result of brain messages not being accurately transmitted to the body.

“I was born in Stockport, lived in Bramhall village all my life on Hawthorn Grove. Went to Moss Hey Primary School, the Bramhall High School.  I was diagnosed with Dyspraxia at the age of 6 and my family were told the future was bleak, that I wouldn’t learn to read or write, drive, kick a football or even run. 

We have 3 factors that have all contributed to me overcoming the learning condition:

My form teacher and teachers at Bramhall High and Moss Hey; They were all super supportive and gave me all the help they could without excluding me out of my class, so I wasn’t treated any different to any normal child.

Dance and Musical theatre – I learnt to dance, act and sing with Dance At the Smithy (Bramhall, Lumb lane) this gave me huge confidence growing up and saw me up on stage taking on lead roles in front of big audiences.

Athletics (running) – this changed my life, In primary school I couldn’t do any sports but managed to get onto the schools B team for football, I was bullied at high school for being unique and not fitting in, but in year 7 (1st year) I found a way in, hockey, considering my condition I somehow picked up the skill to play it and found that I was running a lot during games. The teacher at the time (Keith fielding) moved me straight to the school athletics team, I loved it and found myself running the 800m B runner with a personal friend Chris. Who was part of a club outside of school called Dash Athletics.  I am still with Dash athletics and have been with them for the last 11 years taking part in the Cheshire league, and many open meets around the country, we are about to join with Stockport Harriers.

I joined Dash and grew from strength to strength, I moved to the 400m A runner slot for the school and had 3 amazing seasons being undeafted in my event and taking part in the relays as well, we won the schools league 4 times in the time I was part of that amazing squad. Putting me as one of the top sprinters in the Stockport area for both club and school.

I am hoping to compete in 5 big distance events this year for the Dyspraxia Foundation

  • The Sport relief 3 mile run
  • The Bupa Manchester 10k
  • We love Manchester 10k
  • Men’s health survival of the fittest
  • Stockport 10k
  • The Colour Run.

I am booked in for 4 of those events already and have been training with my 2nd club Bramhall Runners to help with my distance training.  Manchester 10k being the biggest event as I am running just behind the elite mens group, hopefully going to raise over £500.

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