Juniper Cafe Opens In Bramhall

26 Aug 2015

There’s a new place in Bramhall to rest your weary feet, sip a coffee and watch the world go by. Juniper Café opened its doors on 4th August and has been welcoming hungry and thirsty patrons to its stylish interior from day one.

Juniper’s first café was opened in Heaton Moor in 2011 by its creator Amin Ammar. He wanted to create a space that suited the local population, something offering the comfort, style and consistency of a coffee chain but with the personal service and individuality that only an independent can bring.

Juniper Heaton Moor is now an established part of Heaton Moor life but as with any new business idea, at first it wasn’t easy. Amin recalls the early days with mixed feelings. The excitement of coming up with the ideas for the look and feel of the place combined with the frustration that inevitably comes with any development and building project. It was a happy day when his first rain- soaked customer popped a dripping head round the door and said “Are you open? I could murder a coffee”.

Amin has learnt a great deal about giving customers what they want, from great coffee, food and tempting cakes, to customer accessibility and somewhere to put the fold up buggy. But a constant has always been the desire to make the experience what it should be – a pleasure. Amin firmly believes that whilst food and drink can be a functional thing to keep us fit and healthy, going for a coffee is an entirely different idea. Life can run at breakneck speed, but coffee is hot for a reason! It says slow down, take a moment, enjoy the company of others or a moment for yourself.

When Amin finalised the site for the new Juniper Bramhall, the deciding factor was that great luxury on this small island – space. There’s plenty of room to relax in the main seating area with a cosy, more private area to the rear. The quality of facilities appear high on the priority list, with the service area and toilet modelled on a top end hotel.

Juniper Cafe Bramhall

But such things are only window dressing if the fare isn’t up to scratch. Which is why all the food and smoothies are put together on the day using fresh ingredients, locally sourced where possible. Meals and snacks are created to order, meaning if you don’t want mayo, cucumber or mustard, that’s no problem. Drinks of every kind, from Italian lemonade to speciality tea are waiting for you. And the coffee. Have it exactly how you like it, from eye wateringly strong and black to sweet with cream and caramel. We love coffee as much as you do and it shows.

So next time you’re wandering the Bramhall streets in need of refreshment, let Amin welcome you to Juniper, show you to your table and let you see why people return time and again.

Visit :  5 Woodford Rd, Bramhall, SK7 1JN

Call : 0161 439 8731

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