Kazo – Bramhall’s Very Own Boy Band!

6 Nov 2013

Kazo, formerly known as ‘The Ordinary’, acclaimed by the world of rock, played live at I Love Bramhall’s launch!

Bramhall’s very own boy band, Kazo, who played at Noel Gallagher’s after-show party in Liverpool, were the star attraction at the launch of I Love Bramhall in November 2013! Together for four years, they have just released their video and single ‘Any Other Way’  http://youtu.be/yOEd41iABXs and I Love Bramhall was proud to showcase the teenage prodigies.

The band (Jack, Sam, Jake and Mike) met at St James Catholic High School and, still only 16 and 17 years old, combine their passion for music together with studies at sixth form college and work. As well as playing in venues around South Cheshire, including Bramhall, Kazo is also well known now for their gigs in Manchester where they perform in the Northern Quarter.

Celebrity Attraction

Although the band play cover versions, they are best known for their own songs which Jack writes the lyrics for. He says: “We’re Bramhall lads through and through. We’ve all grown up here and it’s been brilliant to meet like-minded musicians at such an early stage in our musical careers. A lot of doors have opened for us; we’ve had loads of local as well as celebrity support. For instance performing in front of an audience at Noel Gallagher’s after show party in Liverpool was pretty amazing!”

Best and Worst Gig

“The best we ever played was at The Headlander Festival in Stockport. It was our greatest performance and the most amazing crowd and the worst we ever played was a church gig where we decided to rock the socks off the audience who turned out to be a wider age range than we expected. The equipment broke and grannies had to wear ear plugs – never again!”

X Factor – No thanks!

Asked if they would want to enter a rock band version of X Factor Jack answers with an emphatic no! “We want to get famous because of our hard work. We’re not bothered about fame through winning a competition. To win a competition you have to write songs that everyone wants to hear I just don’t think that’s us; what we write seems to work.  We have been lucky enough to work with a fantastic mixing engineer, Daniel Broad from the Happy Mondays, to produce our first EP which has just come out.”

Jack concluded: “It’s a privilege to perform at I Love Bramhall’s launch party. To perform in front of a home audience is always a pleasure and you can’t get much more local than performing where we grew up!”

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