Lights, Camera….Action!

14 Apr 2021

We have some exciting news for Bramhall! It’s going to be ‘Lights, Camera… ACTION’ this coming April. To find out more, we caught up with producer, Suzanna Dhawan, about a new pilot she’s working on with some incredible people. 

Suzanna, tell us more. What’s the show called and what’s it all about?

The pilot is called #ACTORS and yes, you pronounce the hashtag! It delves into the world of actors and the extraordinary lengths they’ll go to, to get that job. It’s a snarky and irreverent mockumentary series (with a pinch of the dark side) that follows a group of out-of-work actors who are trying to make it, NOT fake it.

SD Talent

              Suzanna Dhawan – SD Talent

It’s funny, it’s cringe, it’s heartfelt and in many cases it’s one massive slog!

Did you set up SD Talent Management after Producing Stars in their Eyes – The LIVE Revival?

Yes! And what an absolute blast that was! We raised an incredible amount of money for charity and even got Matthew Kelly to reprise his role as host. And so ‘SDTM’ was born. I now manage over 20 actors and artistes around the world and I’m proud to say that we represent both the writers of #ACTORS, Luca and Francesca.

SD Talent

                  Backstage Stars in their Eyes

And who are you working with?

#ACTORS is written by superstars FRANCESCA KINGDON and LUCA MOORE, both actors who have had their fair share of auditions and have many stories to tell. We are also lucky to be working with award winning director and actor, Scott Vickers. His 2019 feature film Matriarch sent waves through the industry when it was bought by Lionsgate, Sony and Sky. We’re not messing about here; the team is superb!

SD Talent

Will we recognise any cast members?

Of course! A lot of it is under wraps at the minute but, as you I Love Bramhall guys have ‘backstage access’, I’ll let you fill in your audience as we go. But if you’re a Hollyoaks or Emmerdale fan, I’m sure you’ll recognise a face or two in the village! Plus, we CAN confirm that Austyn Farrell will be dancing along from Channel 5, Tik Tok and Instagram all the way to Bramhall, as he has just joined the cast too!

SD Talent

Austyn Farrell

Why Bramhall?

Well, why not? It’s my home and where I grew up. It will be lovely  to get OUR local village and its businesses and residents involved if they’d like to. We are thrilled with the support we’ve had so far, and more is ALWAYS welcome. 

How can we help or get involved?

Sponsorship!  Any business that wants to be seen – perhaps through product placement, shop fronts, logos and so on, get in touch. But be quick – we only have limited slots left, so email [email protected] and we can get a copy of the sponsorship agreement over to you.

The world is opening back up, so Bramhall, lets show you off!

If you fancy actually being IN the show, and experiencing a live location set please contact SD Talent as soon as possible.

As we emerge from lockdown, what better time to get our village in the press and hopefully on your screens soon! Any support, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated and humbly accepted. We’ve already had a lot of help and support from Himor, managers of the Village Square, as well as the Crown and Conspirator. We can’t thank them enough and are proud to count them as partners in crime in this project.

SD Talent Management

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