Defibrillator available for Emergencies at Hillbrook Grange

Hillbrook Grange now has a new Defbillator for emergencies in Bramhall.

They took delivery of our shiny new Defibrillator at Hillbrook Grange, Ack Lane East. They applied to the NHS ambulance service for a defib through their Community Defibrillator Scheme. This is a scheme providing free defibs in strategic places across the country. Over the last few years through research it has been concluded that the early use of a defibrillator and CPR can greatly increase a persons’ chances of surviving a heart attack and reduce the chance of brain damage due to oxygen starvation.

To buy a defibrillator can cost around £1000 so there are a lot of places where they would be valuable but they are out of reach due to cost.

These machines are placed for the use of the public .The defibrillator will be available for emergency use for everyone in the Bramhall area 24hours a day 7 days a week. Obviously the first thing to do in an emergency situation is call 999 but if you are unlucky enough to be witness to an accident or heart attack and you are close enough to us don’t forget that the defibrillator is here and could save a life.

Please spread the word that this vital piece of equipment is here in Bramhall.

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