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22 Apr 2016

Former Bramhall financial advisor pens first book to help others

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Mark Bristow from Bramhall swapped a financial advisor career spanning 25 years to help other people realise their true potential – and has just written his first book loosely based on his own journey.

Mark, who is 53, wrote The Financial Healer as a way of helping people to take control of their finances, but not in the way you would expect.

The book The Financial Healer concentrates on changing your money situation by taking a look inside yourself, and that by improving your self worth you can in turn improve your net worth.

Mark gave up his career in the financial industry after 25 years, he said:

“I realised it wasn’t the right job for me, the values were not the same as I wanted which was to help other people.”

He went on a course in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a technique used to find out how we programme ourselves. He added:

“A lot of people tell themselves they’re not good enough, or that the world is a dangerous place. It’s about changing your core negative belief and replacing it with the belief that things are possible,”

mark bristow

Mark Bristow

Mark also learnt the art of Emotional Freedom Techniques – another way of removing negative emotions and achieving positive goals.

When Mark decided to write The Financial Healer, his first draft read in the style of a ‘how to’ book, but he decided to create a central character. After developing his protagonist Alex Lucas, he rewrote his book as a story.The Financial Healer

Alex Lucas is a middle aged, overweight divorcee who is in constant debt despite working long hours as a Financial Advisor. What little spare time he has is spent on self help websites looking for that special ‘secret’ to turn his life around. He finally travels across the world to meet the financial healer.

Mark added:

“I’ve got a second book started with the same character in. He’s finally moving on and living his life finding the meaning in record titles and songs.”

Mark is also a broadcaster, presenting the Spirit of Emotional Freedom Technique show on EFT Radio online, and presents courses on being in control of your finances using techniques including EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Find out more about The Financial Healer kindle version here and the paperback here.

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