Making the numbers add up – Mathnasium Bramhall celebrates 2nd anniversary

2 Mar 2021

January marked two years in business for Mathnasium Bramhall and despite a rollercoaster of a year in 2020, I Love Bramhall is pleased to report that our local maths tutoring hub is still giving its all to making maths make sense for our youngest residents.

Owner of the Bramhall franchise Aileen Clarkson and her team opened Mathnasium’s doors with a family fun day in January 2019, getting off to a great start by welcoming dozens of six to 16-year-olds from across Bramhall, Cheadle and Poynton. 

Providing tutoring in maths for all abilities, Mathnasium Bramhall caters for students at both ends of the spectrum and those in between, whether pupils need a little extra support or a more challenging environment in which to thrive.

A successful first year teaching children and teenagers was followed by the year that no-one will ever forget, and Mathnasium was forced to close its doors when the country was locked down. Fortunately, Mathnasium HQ over in the USA had developed and phased in online programme [email protected], and rollout in the UK was brought forward.

The introduction of the online programme was a lifeline, Aileen says.

“We transferred our current students to the online platform within two weeks of us closing and they adapted great. They were working with the same team they had in the centre and we actually enrolled students as far afield as Liverpool and Halifax.”

Run via an advanced interactive platform, the online programme allows for quality face-to-face tuition – teachers can write on students’ screens and see what they’ve written, too. “It’s brilliant!” Aileen says. “Students who enrolled on the online programme have made fantastic progress.” 

Alongside the online classes, in-centre sessions are now also able to take place for children of critical workers on a strict schedule to comply with Covid-19 regulations. 

The last year will undoubtedly have had an effect on children’s maths skills, despite schools’ best efforts to provide online teaching, Aileen states. Local parents, concerned that their children are missing out on the amount of maths tuition they would receive in a typical school year, have been reaching out to make sure their children don’t fall behind, but the centre also works with “a lot of children who are very advanced and working ahead of their year who come to get challenged more”, too.

Qualified maths teacher Aileen taught numeracy and GCSE maths at Stockport College before moving across the pond, where she now runs four Mathnasium centres along with the branch in Bramhall.

“Before I opened my first centre ten years ago, I researched every supplementary provider and nothing compared to Mathnasium when it came to maths curriculum and method,” she says. “Mathnasium’s oral and written diagnostic assessment lets us build an individualised programme for each student.”

What really sets Mathnasium apart, though, is the curriculum, Aileen says.

“It is absolutely phenomenal, and even though I have a maths degree and have taught for years, there are ways I teach now that just makes more sense to children.”

And it seems everyone else agrees: Mathnasium Bramhall has received excellent feedback not only from parents, but from the children, too.

“Parents are amazed how much the children enjoy coming, we make it a lot of fun and have a great rewards programme for them to get prizes. Getting to see the change in a child’s attitude to maths is the best thing ever!” Aileen adds.

Mathnasium Bramhall is open from Monday to Thursday, between 3pm and 7pm, and on Saturdays from 12pm to 4pm, for in-centre and online sessions. The centre follows strict guidelines for cleanliness, social distancing and PPE and were recently inspected by the Covid team at Stockport Council, who were delighted with the protocols in place. Find out more about Mathnasium Bramhall or get in touch with the team using the links below:

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