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3 Feb 2015

Charming, funny, almost ridiculously knowledgeable and dedicated to being the best she can be … Helen Lewis, founder of Loved is someone in whom you can certainly place your trust.

After earning her Masters diploma in Health and Beauty and starting her working life in the beauty industry Helen made a tangential move into a career with British Airways, where she worked as a stewardess/cabin manager for 15 years. During this time Helen also indulged in her passion for health and fitness and trained as a personal trainer, ran the New York Marathon and undertook The Krypton Assault Course but most importantly – and what she declares her greatest achievement of all – started a family.

It was motherhood, and a terrifying experience in September 2001 when flying to New York, that caused Helen to return to the beauty industry, where she committed to bringing her vision of an environment where all aspects of wellbeing – mind, body and soul – were catered for, to life.

Helen says: “I wanted somewhere totally relaxing, where clients could forget their everyday worries – relax, kick back and enjoy expert advice and treatments designed to improve confidence and help people to look and feel the very best that they could.

“Everybody was welcome and clientele included working mums, footballers’ wives, pensioners, businessmen and women. I even enjoyed requests for my treatments from Cristiano Ronaldo, Brian Ferry and Tim Howard!

“As time progressed though, I realised that simple pampering wasn’t enough for me any longer. I really wanted to make a longer term difference to people’s skin, and the way they felt about themselves, so I did a lot of research and study and six years ago, Loved evolved once again and introduced a series of clinical treatments, including a mole scanning service, using The Molemate Siascopy device; I work closely with Dr John Ashworth, consultant dermatologist on this and we’ve caught some potentially nasty skin cancers.

“I’ve also introduced a skin imaging system, to offer the ultimate skin analysis. I spend a lot of time seeking the latest and most effective treatments; but I also spend a lot of time testing them and ensuring they deliver what they promise!”

Helen’s quest for seeking out the very latest in skincare her to the Fraxel skin resurfacing laser, found only on Harley Street. After great consideration and much research, she decided that Fraxel should be brought in the north and made available to a much wider audience. So once again Helen risked major investment for her vision. The Fraxel laser can help many skin concerns, ranging from acne, surgical scarring, melasma and stretch marks to the lines, wrinkles and skin laxity which ageing unfortunately brings.

In conjunction with the introduction of the clinical machinery, Helen furthered her own specialist skill set by training to platinum standard in permanent cosmetic artistIy with Karen Betts of Nouveau Contour and now has built up a leading reputation and nationwide following due to her attention to detail and eye for perfection.

The latest exciting development in Helen’s career has been the affiliation with Dr Jonquille Chantrey, a highly talented surgeon and international medical expert in skin treatments and pioneer of the fluid facelift. Dr Chantrey owns the exclusive Expert Aesthetics Clinic on South Street in Alderley Edge and Helen is now offering the prestigious Fraxel laser and Permanent Cosmetics services from there too .

Loved 10 Ack Lane, Bramhall, SK7 2BY

0161 440 0001

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